That depends.

Some can be removed via Control Panel>Add Remove Software. I think that's the case with Money and Works. If not, delete their folders in Program Files and the shortcuts in Start>Programs. Some registry keys will stay behind, but that won't be harmful.

The games you name can be unchecked in Windows Setup tab of that Control Panel Applet (at least in Windows 98), but you could just as well delete only the shortcuts in Start>All Programs. And yes, you CAN delete the programs themselve (the .exe files in the Windows folder) also, if you dare; but they don't take that much space.

I would certainly try to remove the trial version of MS Office from Config Panel before installing the full program. And even than problems might arise (like your full program refusing to install or refusing to work after 60 days). If I were you I would contact HP's customer support on how to do it, to minimize the risk.

Hope this helps.