How do you make Windows XP associate files to programs?

How do you make Windows XP associate files to programs not only by extension but also by patterns inside the filename.

*1080*.mp4 -> mpc.exe
ALL *.mp4 EXCEPT *1080*.mp4 -> kmplayer.exe

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Reporting: How do you make Windows XP associate files to programs?
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You can't

Think about it, file names, (not the file extensions), can be anything. Apart from System files and application files where the program code goes looking for specific file names, the user can change the name of many other files to anything they wish.

How can the OS understand what the user decides or prefers?

Sorry, can't be done.


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Yes, I can

I found the solution:
Create a program you can pass parameters to.
Associate this program with the file-extension(s).
The filename will be a parameter. The program searches the filename for in my case 1080. Via simple If Then Elseif Decisions the needed program will executed and the middle-software exits.
As simple as that. Works like a charm.

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Well you've solved your own problem

But that's not anything the normal Joe or Betty would be interested in.

And also, if you read my first reply, I had already said that. Any application code that depends on other files will search for those file names, (the name and file extension), to execute them.

That is not the same as XP associating an application to a file name.


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Hurt egos lead to nowhere
But that's not anything the normal Joe or Betty would be interested in.
No one cares about Joe, Betty or John Doe. All I care about is me having Windows XP work the way I want it.

And I even shared my approach, something I did not have to do.
You don't seem to want to contribute, but to heal your hurt ego, which was bruised because I told you that what you said could not be done, could be done.
I know, this reply will get an angry reply aswell, because I proved you wrong. You can reply in that fashion but there is nothing you can win by doing it. You can be grateful that I shared my approach instead and helped others who are searching google and find this thread.
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Not angry at all.

May be I misunderstood your first post, but what I saw was a question how to get Windows XP to associate an application with a file name.

I explained why that can't be done.


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I did that!

Years ago we needed such an app for launching the right app for files that had the same extension. It was cured just like yours but Joe and Jane consumer can't use our fixes.

We'll have to stick to old associations for most of us.

--> Just a suggestion. If you can, make a web site with your solution. Others may find it as useful as Doug Knox's association fix page.

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I could do what Doug Knox did. There would be some modifications necessary for everyone to use, though. But the main question is: what is in for me?

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What's in it for you.

Eternal fame.


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Your own web site?

If you can get advertising on it, then use SEO to improve your web site's search engine ratings, that might be the best way to make money.


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Thousands of people have already tried that. And only a few accomplished generating good income with advertising.
Those who do make a decent income do not even bother creating those niche sites. Especially nowadays when everyone has adblock.

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Then it seems

for this limited use solution your options for financial gain are also limited. That takes you back to Kees' comment, "Eternal Fame".


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I don't want eternal fame.

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