First locate the .exe file on your harddrive and right click, choose Properties, and take all the check marks out of the boxes for the attributes, click Apply, and OK.

Go to RUN/MSCONFIG/STARTUP tab and look for the program there and uncheck it, but don't reboot the computer after clicking Apply and OK when the window comes up.

Now press the CTRL and ALT keys at the same time, and quickly press the DEL key once to get the task manager to show up. Look in the list to see if WebEnhancer is listed and if it is, click it to highlight it, click END TASK. That will shut it down.

Now go to Add\Remove Programs in Control Panel and see if it's listed. If it is, click it to highlight and click REMOVE. If you're lucky it will then be able to uninstall itself and reboot the computer once it's done. If it's not listed, try using your spyware program again, now that it's not running in the background, and see if it can now get rid of it for you. Reboot the computer and run the spyware program again to make sure it's outta there.