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How do I temporarily turn off AVG?

Dec 4, 2007 8:47PM PST

My new printer installation instructions (Canon MP610) say to disable any antivirus programs before installing the driver. I found another post here that says to right click on the AVG icon at lower right of the screen and click on "shut down". That was in 2004; my current version says "Quit AVG Control Center" and the screen warning says I won't be able to control or monitor AVG activity, but it doesn't say that AVG is actually turned off. How do I turn it off? What happens if I don't bother?

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(NT) I right click the AVG tray icon... then select "Quit AVG" :)
Dec 4, 2007 10:02PM PST
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You can also do this..
Dec 5, 2007 12:52AM PST
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Both mentioned methods should work fine.
Dec 5, 2007 2:26AM PST

Just remember to re-enable when done.

I have never had to deactivate my AV to install a product.
Perhaps others have found this to be necessary.

I'd sure give it a shot with my AV active.

If there is a problem I'd want to give my AV a good sniff at this product/prog/files before turning it loose Sans AV.

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Dec 5, 2007 2:47AM PST

Quitting the AVG control center does NOT deactivate the resident shield.

It would seem you have to enter the resident shield and turn it off there.