1.) Cnet chose to use the TechTracker branding for both, but the email notifications regarding items on MyLists are completely unrelated to the TechTracker application. The software under MyLists is actually there because you downloaded it from Cnet's Download.com at some point in the past and, unfortunately, a current glitch prevents you from removing such software from MyLists at this time.

2.)As to the results from TechTracker, the application, there is an option, while viewing the scan results, to hide the application from future scans, though you can restore it in the future. This works in cases where TechTracker detects software that is not installed (usually a result of the program not being completely uninstalled previously) as well as not desiring to upgrade your current version.

3.) In cases where the update is not reflected in the TechTracker results, you can report an error to the TechTracker team so that the signature can be updated for that application, preventing future misidentifications of it.

Hope this helps,