is a discussion very close to what you are asking.

You can't move boot files in Windows. You would need to install Windows onto the SSD and then use the other disk, (where your current Windows installation and other files are), as a storage drive.

This is all very new, so I recommend you do more research, (I found that by Googling how to install boot files onto SSD). You don't say what system you have, or whether a laptop or PC. Laptops may be different of course.

Also, you may want to find out more about SSD problems. My own experience, on a 2 year old experimental Vista 64 bit PC rig with 2 SSDs in Raid 0 format, was not a good one. When it worked it was super fast, but the SSDs were a problem because of the way it deleted, (or failed to delete), data when required to. The data blocks appeared deleted from the OSes point of view, but the drives themselves simply made the data blocks invisible to the OS, and so hard disk space soon ran out, making the OS unbootable.

Admitted, these were first generation SSDs and hopefully the problem has been, or is being, resolved. Indeed, Windows 7 has TRIM controls that minimise deletions and so extend the life of the drives. But whether that problem has now gone away completely I don't know, so be prepared.

The link below explains the problems of SSD and TRIM. The article is about Apple OSes, but the SSD problem is not OS dependant.

I hope that helps, and good luck with your search.