How do I make my website faster?

Hi guys,

I'm the webmaster and we've recently dropped down in Google rankings.

We did a load of things to try to boost them back up but it seems we've hit a wall at about page 4 for our target keyword recently.

I've noticed we don't do very well on PageSpeed tests. This is after we compressed images, moved to faster hosting and had another developer come in and make a few tweaks. We're worried it's affecting us. We run WordPress and are very active in making sure all plugins and themes we use are trustworthy ones and are updated,

Any ideas on what's causing the issue?

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This is for your web master to tackle.

If your web master is not making the cut for you then you interview more candidates.

What I find odd is that you claim this is a support company so how could you be here? I mean, you should be the experts.

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Interview New Webmaster

I would suggest you to find the right webmaster.

If intersted I can suggest you my friend who is expert of Internet Marketing. Please let me know your thought on this in personal message.

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Website load speed plays important role in your website traffic as well as in your website sales,here are some important points:

Optimize your Images via image compressor.
Delete Unwanted Plugins from WordPress website.
Use Short Codes.
Choose hosting plan wisely..
Make CSS and JavaScript External.
Take advantage of caching.

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W3C Validity 7 Errors, 6 Warning(s)
Page speed is high

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How do I make my website faster?

Run a GTMetrix test. It will display the errors on your website and help you to boost the website speed when you solve those errors.

Also, try the below steps -
Minimize HTTP Requests.
Reduce server response time.
Enable compression.
Enable browser caching.
Minify Resources.

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Use the right tool

Hi there! If you are just starting out to create a sites, then use the website builders. You can not create a fast website manually if you do not have enough experience.

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Use Tool

You can use Google's speed testing tool to enhance website speed but you would have to minimize the javascript, images and code to increase website loading speed.

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Reduce loading time

There are different ways of increasing your website speed and make it faster. I suggest you to search on Google and read few articles on it. Hope you will find what you are looking for.

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Use tools like for get your IMGages served by faster CDN servers, this tool also optimizes automatically all your images by the servers (size, quality / weight), you'll need to include a javascript file in your site.

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Reducing Images and Javascript

if you want website make faster load in browser. so first you can check below part. I am sure your website speed definitely increasing very well. check all below part;

Minimize HTTP Requests
Reduce server response time
Enable compression
Enable browser caching
Minify Resources
Optimize images
Optimize CSS Delivery
Prioritize above-the-fold content
Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site
Reduce redirects

Use tool below here for helpful to check your website speed. all are free tools.

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What kind of website it is? If it is CMS websites use plugins for the websites.

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You might try a caching system

like Varnish, which sits on your server between the user and WordPress. It's basically reverse proxy, meaning it can cache WordPress-rendered pages so your WordPress environment doesn't get hit unless the page changes. It's essentially serving static HTML pages, which is going to be really fast.


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Make my website faster?

1. Improve your hosting plan
2. Understand HTTP requests
3. Make images internet-friendly
4. Use plugins sparingly (WP sites only)
5. Cut down on external scripts
6. Optimize JS and CSS files
7. Take advantage of caching
8. Eliminate website baggage
9. Use a content delivery network (CDN)

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my website

choose the host plan is correctly and delete unwanted plugins in wordpress sites

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website faster

doing social bookmarking and directory submission to make more traffic and make website faster...

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