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How do I get rid of the annoying Windows 10 upgrade nag?

How do I get rid of the annoying Windows 10 upgrade nag?

Unlike many of the people who jumped on the bandwagon and upgraded to Windows 10, I'm one of the people who are happy with what I have running now. I may change my mind later on and upgrade before the free upgrade time is over, but for now I'm not going near Windows 10. I'm tired of seeing the Windows 10 upgrade nag on my desktop and I want to know how I can get rid or block that annoying promotional pop-up. Can someone help me with this? Much appreciated.

--Submitted by Paul S.

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Reporting: How do I get rid of the annoying Windows 10 upgrade nag?
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Best way I have found.
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To be expected

This is what I expected so I just keep xing the blue square.
Msoft must be expecting to gleen a lot of sellable info through 10 to be pushing it so hard.

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It's all about advertising space,

isn't that where the money are? They have these malwares and popup that just drives me up the wall sometime. MS probably won't be that bad I am sure.

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I was afraid of that

A Microsoft agenda hiding in Windows 10. Urge to buy a Mac increasing.

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Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. At the office we have many Windows 10 machines and what is this agenda folk are griping about. I waited till it was out and now we're moving forward without too much trouble. Looking good Microsoft.

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AGREE with you

AGREE with you. I'm loving Windows 10. "THE MISSING MANUAL" book is a gem and takes you through every click, command and prompt.
After all, 110,000,000 (or so) migrations already done!

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Should not need "missing manual".

Done right, one should not have to get a "missing manual" to use an OS.

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(NT) So I should Google?
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Are you serious? 110 millions.
I hate migrating because you can always loose something. I rather prefer a clean installation with MS Setup. Another problem for me is taking all updates under my control and decision, depending on my off-time. Sometimes I can't wait all updates to be finished. So, I need to learn more about manual updates and make a choice every 2-3 months.

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Plenty of articles about this ^

I believe the "agenda" was the very lax privacy policy and a whole host of data mining settings that are buried within and active by default. I upgraded early on and switched back within a few hours. Pretty much all of my software bugged out, and even MS's own troubleshooter was crashing. I'm not opposed to switching over, but my first taste was not a good one. I'm gonna' give them more time to iron out whatever kinks are still lurking.

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There are machines that can't change without troubles.

At the office we moved dozens over and up to 10 without trouble. However we knew to uninstall the antivirus and do a check for trojans and more before the change.

Average users won't do that. Last month 100% of the machines at a friends shop had some infection (virus, trojan, adware, malware) so with that high an infection rate you bet that 10 upgrades may not be smooth for owners that don't keep the infections at bay.

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About that data mining. Ed Bott takes out stock in TFH.
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but then theres the other part

I think his article was kind of miss leading, he is only telling you about the one part, he admits to using torrents but if we look at the specifically at code of conduct and enforcement he would see this "viii. Don’t infringe upon the rights of others (e.g., unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music or other copyrighted material, resale or other distribution of Bing maps, or photographs)." and "b. Enforcement. If you violate these Terms, we may stop providing Services to you or we may close your Microsoft account or Skype account. We may also block delivery of a communication (like email or instant message) to or from the Services in an effort to enforce these Terms or we may remove or refuse to publish Your Content for any reason. When investigating alleged violations of these Terms, Microsoft reserves the right to review Your Content in order to resolve the issue." it goes on for a bit. Make smart choices people, that's direct quotes from Microsoft's site. If that does not scare you read the plain English in section 7.

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Microsoft has damaged its reputation many times in past in various ways making users very reluctant to upgrade. While making W10 upgrade free certainly helps getting people back, but then constantly badgering someone to upgrade simply brings that paranoia back! And what happened to W9, "Windows 9"? It was probably a marketing ploy to bring fresh look at Microsoft under Satya Nadella.

Apple has its faults too, however they have been far more paced and consistent with its evolution (to a fault), yet continues to rank tops in quality and customer satisfaction, and why they dominate the mobile sphere (where's Microsoft?) with obscene profits over Android.

I have my feet solidly in both camps but from experience the Apple ecosystem is overall better and I am more productive, so in the long run I save more money by wasting less time on mundane or pointless tasks. Yes, I am saying Apple products are less expensive in long run.

Windows is pretty good OS, but I am sorry to say confidence in Microsoft's product development and customer satisfaction ability is lackluster as ever.

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Don't be afraid -- move to an Apple computer ASAP

That's it. Satisfy your urge and move to an Apple computer ASAP. You'll only change the source and the kinds of troubles. Apple computers have problems too, it's just a matter of looking for the appropriate fora. Microsoft doesn't hide anything -- they're much clear they want everyone to upgrade to Windows 10. Compatibility problems aside, a very good operating system and the upgrade for Windows 7.

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This might be the easiest way... CANCEL THE RESERVATION here

In the nag screen you can confirm the reservation by clicking on the "Confirm Reservation" tab. In that screen you can ALSO CANCEL THE RESERVATION and this should suppress the nag screen.

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To Clarify... To to "View Confirmation" then... Cancel.

To Clarify. Click on the "settings" icon (3 horizontal lines) on the top left of the Confirmation Screen. Go to the "VIEW CONFIRMATION" part. Click on that, and there you can click to Cancel Reservation.

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Thanks done in a few seconds

This has been annoying me for months & it's gone! Love

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Windows 10 resistance by users to the Update to W10

I removed KB3035583 which is the dreaded W10 harassment file. It is a shame that a large corporation like Microsoft would resort to the methods that they do to try to get you to get something that a lot of us don't want. It took about 45 minutes for some kind of process that they did, and now when I got to update files, I don't get the Install W10 window. I still get the White Flag that is W10 on the notification bar, but found a way to eliminate it by going to the page that allows you to allow all icons, or just the ones you want. Now I have it missing in action. A lot of other companies have done things not to that level and the Government comes after them. I have used Windows for many years, and usually updated whenever I could, but now have W7 and want to stay with that until it is banished in 2020. By that time I may be too old to worry about it anymore. W7 was the apex of the Microsoft dynasty, and now since they require more cash, they are trying something new which doesn't impress the greater part of the Windows pool, but just like the Mafia of the 1920s they know how to deal with people that won't cooperate!!! Ha! Ha! just kidding. But seriously they took a pretty dangerous tack to try to get people into the W10 fold.

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Diehard Win7 user

I too love my MS Win7 OS - arguably the most stable MS OS since XP. I have it installed on both my Desktop & Laptop. In 4 years, only 1 BSOD & that was because the shop that built my Desktop forgot to install the latest BIOS update for my ASUS motherboard. I don't want, or need, the Win10 upgrade shoved down my throat every time I 'booted' or did my updates. So like you, I removed KB3035583 & make sure it is NEVER ticked. p.s. I don't allow my OS to install updates automatically. I choose when & what updates I need by 'unchecking' the install updates automatically box !
Pete Waldie - Australia

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I have seven KB3035583 files

So I have seven KB3035583 files show up, do I delete them all?

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Do not delete the KB3035583

Remove them by going into Control Panel and actually uninstalling it. When it downloads and tells you to update, right click and HIDE the update. Should not bother again unless they come up with another update.....

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No problems

I don't have the problem of Windows trying to update my Win 7 Desktop that's compatible for Win 10. THEY WON'T DO IT. I have spoken with MS directly 4-5 times and they STILL haven't fixed it. One corrupt file and you're out! Sad

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Yes, this will remove the upgrade infomercial - such a shame that MS has stooped to this level of SNEAK. Made me stop with automatic I check each one on all of my computers and laptops - and those of my spouse. At first I was so angry that the company that I had trusted had hidden this annoying icon to an update - without telling you in plain English what was being done. Shame on you MS!!

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W10 Still won't go away !!

I did remove the KB....5583 you referenced in your message. Before that I
had to completely reinstall Win7 on my laptop because Win10 self installed even though I do not have auto installs as default. The Win10 install ran for about 10 days then went into airplane mode that required the complete reformat of disk drive & reinstall on my Acer laptop. Took more than a week to get it all back. Now the Win 10 update appears whenever I try to do regular monthly Win 7 updates. Appears that I'm stuck without upgrades unless you have a work around. Many thanks in advance, for any ideas you may have.

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how i get updates with win 8.1

I am not sure if this will work with Win 7, but it works with Win 8 to get updates. I search for PC Settings and then click on Update and Recovery. I can download all the current updates here and install them. I did not apply updates for several months because every time I went to Windows Update it wanted me to install Win 10 which I refuse to do right now. I have heard many horror stories from friends so I am waiting until the end. Good Luck and hope this helps you.

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win7 to win10 ready or not

what took me by surprise was telling the upgrade for the 10th day in a row or so to postpone for 3 more days, was to walk away from my PC, still on, and return to find Win 10 was 90% INSTALLED trying to keep it off my laptop until I'm ready! I have noticed a lot of little things I can't do any more with win 10 that I could do in win 7 that I miss, like right clicking on a web-page and creating a shortcut to my desktop for later use, maybe I'm missing something, but a lot of control is lost!

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I've seen it 90% downloaded but never install on its own.

There are folk calling it "installed" even if it downloaded. Installing takes more action from the owner. But there may be someone out of the millions that it happened?

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I was surprised..

how little time it took for it to install on the three people I've tried it on. I have suspected the files were already on board at those events. It was the updates after than, that took forever.

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MS Windows is insecure

WIN 10 acts like a very insecure person would. It keeps on "making itself large" as though in a continued need to re-justify its existence. And, oh boy, doesn't it need to! For those people who just want a quiet servant that just gets quietly on with the chores, asking for no recognition beyond a quiet thankyou, WINDOWS is NOT the answer. It behaves like prima-donna that always wants to be the centre of attention and in charge of the situation. It doesn't care too much about what you want. It is self serving first and foremost.
For those who say "forget Windows and get a Mac" I have no argument except to point out LINUX. Their versions of UBUNTU do a wonderful job and what's more are FREE! Look into it.

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