How do I get rid of dw20.exe in Windows 7? Help!

Mostly I use Chrome as my browser, but for some internet radio (pandora) and for my wallpaper/screensaver program (webshots), Internet Explorer is explicitly preferred by the site. Lately, however, whenever I open a second tab in IE (in order to check out the lyrics to a song, or to download a photo from webshots), the dw20.exe screen appears, asking me if i want to Allow or Disallow it to run. I've clicked both. Nothing happens, the little window just keeps reappearing whenever I try to open a second tab in IE -- which it won't let me do. And that has made IE pretty much unusable even for radio (I can only listen to a station, but can't get further info on a song, which requires another tab) and, most painfully, for wallpaper and screensaver downloads -- I can't download any new photos, since that requires a second tab. The dw20.exe screen keeps appearing and won't let the second tab even open, much less load. I've looked for help online but all the help seems dated, referring to Window XP or Vista, but never to Windows 7. Anyone know how to rid me of this beast? Thanks.

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Reporting: How do I get rid of dw20.exe in Windows 7? Help!
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Re: dw20.exe

If it's the same dw20.exe as meant in, the same way of disabling it might work. Did you try?

1. It can be another program dw20.exe, for example malware. How many dw20.exe's do you have on your system? Where is it located?
2. it's far from sure that disabling the error reporting will prevent the error (that causes the tabs not to work) from occurring.
3. Does it happen also if you run IE in 'Safe Mode' (that is, without extensions and add-ons). If not, it's one of those that interferes. Could even be malware. If you can't find running IE without addons in your start menu (should be there somewhere) try iexplore -extoff from the command prompt).


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more worried

thanks for your response. the link you gave me suggests editing the registry, and lists attendant risks, so i'm not going there. and since running in safe mode still can't guarantee that it's not malware, i think it's best to make the assumption that it is. i do know that running the anti-virus anti-malware scan in norton, which i do daily, full system scan, hasn't worked. so, i'm worried. norton gives general help, but, natch, charges $99.99 to get in there and do the work of removing. not inclined to take that step at all. i can't yet see harm being done, but of course that doesn't mean it isn't being done. also, as i said, i mostly use chrome, so i've sort of been avoiding this issue. now, i'm a bit more worried, which is a good thing. don't really know what to do next. thanks again for your thoughtful reply.

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Let me be blunt.

webshots over the years has had issues. I can't write nice about that.

As to IE, it's been a problem and the common fixes are well known. NO ADDINS ranks very high.

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hopefully some progress

thanks, r. proffitt. i took your suggestion and disabled almost all add-ons -- kept only symantec intrusion prevention and java, both of which i'd imagine i'd want. i'll try again to open additional tabs in both webshots and pandora and report back on what happens. thanks again for your thoughts.

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blocking the running of dw20.exe

I wanted to pass on a problem solved. I couldn't disable or uninstall windows dw20.exe. Nothing would work. so after many hours searching MS and no answer I finally had an epiphany. Using Norton 360 and going to program rules, it allowed me to block the running of each of the 9 places that dw20.exe program resided. Hope this helps. My problem is solved!

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