How do I fix NAT type F on Nintendo Switch

Hello Gurus of Networks,

Hey guys. I have an issue with my router and the Nintendo Switch. I keep getting a NAT type F on the Switch and I can't connect to anyone online in any game. It used to work on my old rented modem and router, but we got a new combo modem/router, a Motorola MG7550 AC1900. It's an awesome combo modem/router otherwise as it delivers very fast wifi and wired speeds. But for some odd reason it doesn't like the Nintendo Switch. I game online on my PC just fine, Steam games and Overwatch, etc all work fine.

I contacted nintendo and went through a series of opening ports, enabling UPnP, trying DMZ, none of them worked. They said to contact my ISP and see if anything was blocked. TDS Telecom is my provider and they said because it was not their router anymore, they would not troubleshoot with me, but assured me that they hadn't changed anything or blocked any ports or anything like that. All he told me was that we had Dynamic IP addresses as customers. He suggested contacted Motorola directly. So I did, but they tried the same things Nintendo had me do, forwards ports, dmz, etc. None of this has worked with wifi or with usb wired ethernet on the Switch.

I'm really at a loss here. Do combo modems/routers have these issues? A netgear tech i talked to said that it might have a double NAT issue with the modem/router. Could this be the case?

I need someone who has walked these nether-regions before... I need a hero! Please help!

I'm hoping the issue isn't buy a new router and modem cuz this one is top of it's class and $180! Motorola MG7550 AC1900, bought off amazon.

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Reporting: How do I fix NAT type F on Nintendo Switch
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DMZ failed? That's bad bad news.

Try this at starbucks, panera bread and such to see what's up. DMZ is usually great.

UNLESS!!! This modem+router system has a firewall. Just last month I called on a fellow that was adamant we were not allowed to turn off the firewall in the router. He complained that no one could fix their issues. Sadly neither could I since the firewall was up and blocking. I canceled the call and bill and wished him good luck.

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Thanks for Response!

Yes I have disabled the IPv4 and IPv6 firewalls, enabled UPnP and restarted the Router and Nintendo Switch... still nothing. I'm at a loss here.

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Hotspotted my phone and got NAT D

Haha so I'm not able to run to starbucks or anything but I hotspotted my phone, terrible download upload speeds but it did get NAT type D... which is still terrible but at least it's not F haha

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That helped me find a second common bit of advice. CHANGE..

Change your router DNS from whatever to and (see google if you want to know why) but in short along with the DMZ this should help if the ISP is not blocking.

If this helps it means the ISP's DNS is shite.

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Just Tried it

That didn't work either unfortunately... like I said, my old modem that was rented and the router I bought worked with it, but for some reason since I got this one online hasn't worked... super weird.

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The fact that DMZ plus the DNS change

In the router fails points to ISP issues. And if the ISP won't help, dead end here. One last thing.

Can your router use a VPN to geo relocate and get out of the ISP's network?

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VPN will be Next

I will try the VPN suggestion. But why did my old modem and router work just fine on the Switch but this new one is giving me fits? It puzzles... basically everything is WIDE open and I still get NAT F, but before I was getting NAT B with the old set up...

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Wish I could answer that one.

ISPs can change without notice. It's odd that the DMZ plus DNS change didn't move it off type F.

The DNS change can challenge folk. Maybe I didn't call out you needed to reboot the router or other devices? Then check the device that it's IP and DNS are the DMZ IP and DNS entries you used in the router?

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Dynamic IP?

My ISP said I have a dynamic IP address. He said that’s standard issued but I could pay for a static IP if I talked to product service. Think that would change anything?

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I'm going with no.

The only area a dynamic IP that would matter is on your LAN/WLAN. If you use DMZ then your device could, possibly get another IP from your router and you have to double check that this is the IP in the DMZ entry. Also, I'd see if my DNS was on and while I did that check.

The VPN would be the all around answer to when an ISP is being a jerk.

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