How can I watch 4K content properly?

I recently bough a Sony 43XE8096 and since i appreciate to watch content with the highest quality available, i want to make the most of this TV.
This way, i want to watch 4K content.
So i have some questions and some of them i would really appreciate if someone could answer.

This tv comes with Android OS and i have Netflix so i installed the Netflix App on my Sony TV. My
ISP provides me 120Mb or (MBs, not sure what is, and i think that's important) of download speed. However we all know what they say "We provide UP UNTIL 120 Mbs" and when i download files with Internet Download Manager i only achieve 17 MBs (probably my confusion about MB and Mb would ask that question but anyway i still have that question).
So putting all together, i have a 4K Tv, Netflix that allows to watch 4K content and the internet speed i just said. However 4K content have an average bitrate of 60 Mbs or higher, so it seems impossible to me, with that internet speed, to watch 4K content using Netflix streaming content. Am i right?

Second question, i have a Lenovo Y50 with the following specs:
- Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHZ 2.50GHZ
- 12 GB Ram Memory (not sure of speed now but i think it's 1600MHz)
- SSD 256 GB
- Intel HD Graphics 4600 + 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M
But i don't know why, when i connect my computer via HDMI it connects by the Intel Graphics. Don't know why Lenovo did that, but i searched for answers and i just found that Lenovo did it and there's nothing to do.
So since i'm unable to use my laptop to see 4K content on my tv, 'coz my Lenovo laptop it's stupid i would like to be able, somehow, to do it and what i though was "Hey, i can buy a Box, connect my tv and voilá, i can watch 4K content". However i have some questions about those "Boxes" like NVIDIA Shield and others.
I'm the kind of guy who downloads movies and watch them from my computer. With those boxes it won't be possible to me to download movies with Internet Download Manager and watch them rigth? Since they are not Windows systems and they interface are not for that purpose... I have in mind that those boxes are for streams only, but i wanted to be able to download 4K movie and simply watch it, just as i do with my Laptop, nice and easy.
Is it possible with a box? Since their Operating System is not Windows it might be hard to...

So answering the 1st questions: Am i thinking correctly and am i really unable to watch 4K content from Netflix due to my internet download speed?
2nd question: I guy like me that downloads movies and wants to watch them, what box (if there exists any) do you guys recommend? Another point (i'm portuguese) so it should be able to reproduce subtitles (.srt or .***).

Many thanks for those who understand my question and who'd try to help

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Reporting: How can I watch 4K content properly?
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First, Netflix calls out 25 megabits a second for UHD.

Documented at (4K is UHD for consumer TVs.)

As to the laptop, I don't see it has the "chops" for 4K playback. The playback of 4K on a PC is still up there in the 1070 or better GPUs. Also, I think that laptop has HDMI 1.4 so maybe it's getting by since that would cut the Frame Rate to 30 FPS. This is well documented so I'll hit pause here.

As to downloads, you may be out on a limb here as you can't admit to pirated content without the discussion getting locked. But I see why a Y50 would not play 4K. notes that gameplay at 4K issue as well.

I would be guessing is your model. Not one site called out the HDMI 2.x ports so either I missed that or it just doesn't,

I use an Amazon Fire 4K TV but it fails for you about playing files and those Kodi boxes are in fast retreat as you read

I'm unsure if this helped at all but for now 4K streaming is working or ... 4K streaming boxes like Roku and Fire.

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To your first question, 120mb internet download speed should be more than enough to watch 4k video from Netflix or wherever, so I do not think that is the problem. If you are really unable to put out 4k content to your 4k TV, it may be because you don't have 4k setup on your Netflix account or its being throttled by your ISP, I know that you gotta have a specific Netflix plan that costs extra to watch 4k on their service.
To your second question, I would recommend getting a (3 in 1 as I think of it) type of box such as an Xbox One S or PlayStation, since they support 4k. You would be getting the full use of your new TV if you were to run some 4k games on it, but if you aren't the gaming type, a simple blueray player would play 4k without the need of an internet connection. Also, if you ever get TV providers such as Cox or Direct TV, I believe they offer 4k content with their service.

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