I'm unclear as to what happened, or what you are trying to achieve. Sad

I may be over-looking the obvious, but I'm confused with your usage of the term "shutdown". For example, in one instance you stated the updates "usually install immediately instead of waiting for shutdown". When the system is shutdown, nothing is "updating or happening".

In closing you wrote, "So, I'm curious if there is anywhere in Windows XP or some add-on utility that tell you what the last program or update patch was that was installed? I have Revo uninstaller which lists programs but it doesn't seem to list windows updates. The add-remove window in the Windows XP control panel will list them but doesn't give the date that they were installed."

If you're attempting to find when the patches were installed, did you access Windows Updates, and look at the pane on the left? Where it says under "Options", "Review your update history"? If you haven't, you will find each update, with the day and date they were installed.

Best I can tell you, given my understanding..