"And the Bush tax cuts have done nothing for them, as they don't pay taxes anyway."

I can't believe that even you can say that with a straight face after Congress bowed to the whines of the far left and provided those non-taxed "taxpayers" a rebate.

Then again with your blind acceptance of the left party line of "tax cut for the rich" (despite the simple FACT that their rebates were a LOWER percentage of their higher rate taxation) I can understand such "thoughts" ricocheting around in your cranium.

Since job growth was slow in the initial years of the Administration due to the inherited recession that began in Clinton's last year there is nothing unusual or even unexpected in the report. The last couple of paragraphs of the article (which you seldom seem to get to) even demonstrate this.

How much do you pay to have your lawn mowed and how much did you pay three years ago? Have you increased the gardner's/kid's wage on your own?