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Veteran members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have grown concerned over the choice of Chris Rock as host of this month's awards show, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Concern deepened after Rock claimed only gays watch the Oscars!

"I never watched the Oscars. Come on, it's a fashion show," Rock recently declared.

"What straight black man sits there and watches the Oscars? Show me one!"

Rock added: "Awards for art are f---ing idiotic."


Academy members have privately called for Chris Rock to be removed as host, sources claim, fearing Rock may "tarnish" the reputation of the Academy.

"Simply put, this is a disgrace," one veteran Hollywood mogul, who asked not to be identified, said from Los Angeles.

"This guy is out there saying 'awards for art are f---ing idiotic' and he is hosting the show produced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? I guess the joke is on us!"

One nominated actress questions whether producer Gil Cates was even aware that Rock has "never watched the Oscars."

Other unpublicized comments made by Rock threaten to throw the scheduled Feb. 27 broadcast into complete chaos.

another great spokes person

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(NT) (NT) Our civilization is doomed! Doomed, I say! :-)
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He might be right.

I don't watch the stuff and I set off every studfinder in home depot. Happy

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The article....

.... didn't say in what context the comments were made. Was it in a comedy routine, or an interview?

To me, that makes a difference. I have watched some of his routines on cable, and have found him to be an equal opportunity insulter.

When he has been a guest on network TV daytime shows, he is articulate and "clean" spoken.


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Sounds like a comedy routine ...

... and if Oscar-folk are unable to take a joke they shouldn't hire comedians to host their show Wink Doubtful that even unscripted comments by Rock will not be carefully tempered. I agree with your impression of Rock. I don't find him all that funny but his comedic barbs spare no particular group. I also agree that he is articulate and "clean spoken" when the venue requires it. I'm sure he'll do just fine as a host, but I do wonder about the Academy's selection. I'm not really up on who the up and coming stars in comedy are, but it seems they could do better than Chris Rock. I think Ellen DeGeneres would do a terrific job as a comedic host. Jay Mohr is another comic that has done well in this genre although I guess he's not as big a name as Chris Rock.

Evie Happy

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Sadly, they won't touch Ellen because she *is* gay!

As a presenter, sure -- but not as host.

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(NT) (NT) The Academy is 'homophobic'? LOL
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It's not just the Academy involved

It's also the network broadcasting the show, and the sponsors.

Ellen DeGeneres's talk show has been pretty successful. My guess is that she'd do a good job as host and that there wouldn't be much fallout. I think Chris Rock is very funny and I'm looking forward to seeing how he does. Sometimes it's not just about how good a comedian you are. David Letterman is a funny guy and he was dreadful as Oscar host. "OPRAH -- UMA!!! UMA -- OPRAH!!!" You could even see it in his eyes that he knew he was bombing.

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I agree ...

... which is why I think Mohr or Degeneres would be better choices.

Lots of people liked to attribute the demise of "Ellen" to Degeneres' coming out. It wasn't that, it was that "Ellen" ceased being funny. I'm not a talk show watcher but have caught little bits of her show when over at my folks. She's quite funny just being herself. I don't agree with Dave that her sexual orientation would preclude her from consideration. As you say, her talkshow is doing quite well so only bias on the "selection committee" would prevent that.

I would be interested in seeing how Rock does. Just I'm not interested in watching the Oscars (ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz) to find out.

Evie Happy

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The funniest episodes of Ellen's sitcom....

....were the ones leading up to her outing. She kept dropping hints. I remember one where her friends were looking for her all over the house and suddenly her closet door opened and she walked out, saying, "Sorry, I was in the closet. I'm out now."

I've never seen her talk show but I hear it's well received by audiences and critics.

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(NT) (NT) Yaaaawwwwnnnnnnnn. This is news?
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No, it's the Drudge Report

But lots of people mistake it for news.


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see josh what happens
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It's still not news

I wasn't suggesting that Chris Rock hadn't said those things. Just that it's not news. When they offered the job to him, they knew what they were getting. I suppose some people would also be shocked, SHOCKED! to learn that Richard Pryor's stuff can be a bit racy.

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hey i just posted the article

and i enjoy richard pryor

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May not be important news ...

... but doesn't mean it's not news to the Academy that he said these particular things. Anybody that hasn't been living under a rock knows he's one of the cruder comics out there. I think the Academy had this partly in mind as a positive in selecting him -- different audience to boost viewership. Poor choice IMO.

Evie Happy

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