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Horse riding teen suspended from school

Hamilton -- When Dan DePaolis, a senior at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School, asked his parents if he could ride their horse to school and dress like a knight for spirit week nobody could?ve imagined that DePaolis would get suspended for this type of horse play.

DePaolis said that Menegoni told his son that riding the horse onto school grounds was the equivalent of bringing in a loaded firearm. DePaolis was wearing a prop sword on his knight outfit but ironically it was not the fake sword that caused the ruckus.


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Reporting: Horse riding teen suspended from school
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stunt ?
Assistant Principal Bryan Menegoni approached DePaolis and told him to get off the horse and get the horse off of school grounds.

Did he do as he was told?

School officials could not be reached for comment over the weekend but there is a firm no animals policy in place at the high school

Them's the rules.

No sympathy here.
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Robinson HS in Tampa

mascot is the Knights. Used to have horse on field for events, especially homecoming. Person dressed up like a Knight too. That was in a city. What's the big problem here with this particular school?

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I think they have the rule...

in case an animal gets out of control and hurts someone. So the kid should have asked. But punishing him is just stupid.

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Hmm, horseback riding must be....

...a "privilege" now. Amazing how so many "freedoms" are becoming "privileges" needing someone to bestow such "privilege" and "license" it. Bring on the Revolution!

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People ride horses all over town.

BUT not at the school....

He should have asked the Principal if he could bring a horse to school...not his parents.

Your parents tell you what you can do at home, the Principal tells you what you can do at school.

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another good argument

to get school's back into control of the parents and neighborhoods and out of the hands of state governments, even county governments if that's what it takes. We need to take back the education process, since after all, it's OUR children to be educated and we make it the way WE want it.

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Hitching posts instead of parking lots?

home schooling and he can ride his horse around his parking lot.

The school will be happy and so will his parents.

Oh wait!!

Will his parents get in an argument about a portion of their tax money going toward schools their children don't attend?

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Hmm, might keep more teens out of cars

Nothing wrong with that.

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until they come home

and track horse manure through the house.

Of course you can use it in your garden Happy

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It's more about school rules...

I can understand that. It could be a liability risk. But the kid's an A student. This is so minor, a warning should have sufficed. Comparing a horse to a loaded firearm is just loony IMO. Cars are much more dangerous.

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Most schools publish a "Rule Book" every year. If the rule book does not specifically prohibit horses then I would contest the school making ad hoc rules on the fly. A warning should have sufficed.

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Superintendent Dr. Raleigh Buchanan confirmed that there is a strict no animals on school grounds policy in the Hamilton-Wenham district.

Still, there's such a thing as being judicious in the enforcement of the rules.

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