Routing directly to the TV while not running stuff through the receiver avoids possible problems introduced by it.

Now, we know HDMI is the connection of the future, even if not always giving the best resluts now. Often, better results come from using component connectors. The niciety of HDMI is that it handles both video & audio in the one cable.

Yes, many folks are inclined to run everything through the receiver because it provides all the siwtching you need. That convenience can be accommodated for by buying an HDMI switcher. Yes, an extra expense but they usually include remote control functions so you don't have to get up & go to it each time you need it to switch.

Now that I'm old & got my long admired B&W speakers, I do double the speaker wires needed as I do bi-amplify them to come a tad closer to appreciating how good they can be. I am using otherwise surplus channels of amplifier power by using two channels each to power the front L&R speakers with higher potential power for some possible transient peak of power for audio. Yeah, overkill.