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homeowners security checks

You never know who you're living next to

As recently as May 20, during a meeting at a New York City apartment, Sabir indicated he would travel shortly to Saudi Arabia to treat the wounds of jihadists at a Saudi military base, prosecutors said. Travel records showed he was scheduled to leave Thursday.

After learning about Sabir s arrest, Carnase said some residents talked to the homeowner s board about enforcing stricter background checks

Are terrorists being treated at a Saudi Military base? (why?)

What kind of background check would the homeowners run, if the Federal Authorities took 2 years to get the evidence?
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Reporting: homeowners security checks
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But the Saudis are our good friends!

<sarcasm> Just ask George H.W. Bush whose insistence that the Saudis are loyal allies has absolutely nothing to do with the multimillion dollar business relationship he's had with them (including members of the Bin Laden family) for years. </sarcasm>

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If you hadn't noticed, the Saudis supply a large part of the

world's oil. You think that might have something to do with the diplomatic problem? Rather than parroting Micheal Moore, perhaps you should point to Bill Clinton's treatment of the Saudis to show the contrast between Clinton and Bush? </sarcasm>

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I noticed

And I wasn't parroting Michael Moore. I linked to Bush's lavish praise of the Saudis in a post some months ago; I don't have time to look for that post (or find the linked article again) right now but I'll try to get to it.

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Not sure...

I buy the Bush-bash, but the Saudies have always been sleezy weasles and probably always will be. What troubles me more is that any one actually buy into their lies.

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Another jihader in my town
A Nashville man accused of making a threat about "going jihad" pleaded guilty yesterday to federal weapons charges and faces up to a 57-month prison sentence.

Iraqi-born Ahmed Hassan Al-Uqaily, 34, was arrested in October on charges of illegal possession of machine guns and possession of unregistered firearms.

He had expressed animosity toward the Jewish community and, though he gave no indication of specific plans, had discussed two Jewish facilities in the Nashville area, the plea agreement says.

I don't know what would have raised suspicions before 9/11. or what the men did 2 years ago that did. My guess is that it takes time to investigate and make a case after there is a reason to do so.

I also don't if the Saudis are aware, or even care, that there are
jihadists on one of their military bases. I wouldn't be surprised if there were. Even we had that US soldier who threw grenades into the tents of his fellow soldiers "because he didn't want to kill fellow Muslims."

As to the homeowners, I doubt if there is much "screening" that would uncover any sorts of future troublemakers, much less jihaders.

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Might as well face facts and call a spade a spade

It's war. If they're muslim they're suspect. That's that.

If these people want the benefit of the doubt they'll just have to earn it. So far they most definitely have not. Again, that's that. PC be damned, it's war.


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If they're muslime they're suspect???

Please tell us that this bit of what sounds a lot like religious bigotry is facetious, Dave.


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No .

IMO, "religious bigotry" is not applicable. Keep in mind that there are well-known Americans who converted to Islam, like Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabar, both of whom are respected.

Abdul Jabbar and Ali had joined the Nation of Islam which developed in the '30s through the work of an African-American named Robert Poole. Poole believed that black slaves from Africa had been born Muslim. Poole believed that Christianity was an error foisted on them by their white masters.

No doubt bigotry exists, but not limited to Muslims, but between some followers of other faiths, If not bigotry, then suspicion. Some feared the Catholicism of JFK. Some are suspicious of any religion.

The terrorist acts have been committed by those who claim to be Muslims. Yet, the US has not confined them and their families as it did to the Japanese. Perhaps the realization has come that each individual is responsible for his/her own actions.

Nobody likes to have unfair advantage taken of their good will.. Those homeowners apparently accepted people as they seemed. In general, it is easy to feel ones trust has been violated when a person has taken full advantage of and prospered by living here, been educated here, while planning to either kill or aid others to kill a "non-believer" or as many Americans as possible. It is especially disturbing when that person has taken the Oath of Citizenship.

I am aware that there are ignorant nuts who have made some of our Muslim citizens feel threatened. But there are ignorant nuts, druggies, and criminals who have made us all feel threatened.

Mosques have been built all over this country. The faithful are free to worship, celebrate their holidays, follow their food requirements. Like all of us, they live under our laws.

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(NT) (NT) Those were DavE's words, not mine.

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