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Need some help with my home network and not advanced in my knowledge of how to set up. I have a ton of devise on my network now and also have just set up my business office from home. My speed test are horrible, network starting to crash, and poor performance on all devices. I thought I had an idea of the issue but I am starting to believe I need to make major changes to my network. Problem is I don't want to spend a ton of money, not sure I have to, but that's why I am here. Going to list what I believe is my hardware, isp, and device. Also, what I am looking for and hopefully someone can give me a good plan or setup that will work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

My Hardware (at least what I think it is)

1) gateway laptop 430m processor- nv59, 320gb had, 4gb m, multi-in-1 card reader. Windows 7

Seems to work fine. Only issue is when use Google drive for and chrome a lot, with multiple work programs and browsers running.

2) modem in gateway- ( what it says when I check hardware )
1) hdaudio softv92 data fax modem
2) sierra wireless modem- no connected and cant find
Believe this could be an issue. Bought lp from guy at work and I think he might of removed other card.

3) ISP- Verizon High-speed- ( can't get fios )

4) Verizon Provided Modem- Actiontec GT704WG
Network always says receiving 54mbps excellent. Here is what our ip website with Verizon shows:

DSL Status: Connected
ISP Status: Connected
Speed(Down/Up): 1792 / 448 Kbps
ISP Protocol: pppoe
WAN IP Address:

The insulter has the modem connected to line in the kitchen which I was told was bad idea. Thing was I sat online with rep from Verizon for 2 hours and he was trying to do everything he could to boost my speed, he basically gave up and asked me to upgrade. Why was he trying so hard and long just to ask for an upgrade.

5) Devices Connected to Wifi Network (Cool: Samsung Smart TV WIFI, 2 android cell phones, 2 tablets (nexus 7,thrive), Laptop, DirecTV on demand. wifi all-in-1 fax machine. fax isn't connect to dsl line yet but would like to and DirecTV on demand is horrible so could take off.

6) Also have DIRECTV- Not sure if that is an issue. Might be for lane isp, but my house is new construction and believe have to coaxial. Neighbor has both so will have same setup

Sorry for long post but wanted to cover my setup because sick of trying something here and there, never works. What I am looking for is to be able to connect all my device, actually stream Netflix in hd, and not have to worried about speed issues, crashing, or horrible performance. I am not a huge game and even though we have a lot of devices connect usually only a few are being used.

My plan was to change to Comcast (better phone/internet bundle price), buy my own router with dual ability, and add a better card to my laptop if mandatory. I am pretty sure Comcast will be a better option because its a land line and better cost. Problems is can I use their router (no clue) and if not can I get a decent N or G router for less than $100. If I can what router is best and how hard is it to setup security? Do I need to update modem in lp or will it work? Is it possible I need a new lp, in that case would get tower and use this just for surfing.

Honestly, I don't have a clue. I am pray someone can provide me with an idea and setup that will work well. Not a gamer, work doesn't require highly advance options, and only really download or upload will be Netflix which I can't get to stream in hd so don't even use and Smart TV apps. Dying to use both. The only other important issue is better wifi coverage throughout house. Bad is so many stop. It concerns me because we live in new built house and have Verizon wireless issue, dead spot. Praying Comcast land can fix that issue.


thank, brent

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Hard to say what your issue would be. You always want to test your internet with a wired setup, wireless introduces too many variable to know where the problem is.

More than likely comcast will be better mostly because it is a larger connection than any dsl you can get...It normally cost more than DSL also.

I would try with their router first, they generally set them up for you so it tends to be easier for people that don't know a lot.

I would try to use ethernet cables for as much as you can especially things that you intend to stream video to. Wireless is shared between all your devices and they all compete for the same bandwidth...the more things you have sharing the worse it gets. This is on top of the issue of having to share the radio frequencies with all the neighbors around you

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Dead spots are well, a WiFi thing.

As you get more devices you learn to put in more WAPs (I use routers as WAPs) and to place WAPs at the corners of the building to spread the WiFi load. Remember that WiFi is shared space so if you have more than 2 devices, then trouble can happen.

Tip? Wire everything you can.

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