Your audio gear uses its own amp and decoders, effectively removing a receiver from the equation. In other words, if you're happy with the sound and don't need/want to plug anything else in to those speakers, you're fine as you are (which is good, because your options are... well, none). Happy

But that's not to knock your gear! Rather, the point of this is to tell you that to maximize your gear, you'll only need two things:

- Xbox component video cables (for HD gaming and HD DVD)
- a generic fiber optic digital audio cable (aka TOSlink)

If you've already got the former, the latter can be purchased pretty much anywhere, but if you fancy online shopping, has dirt cheap prices and surprisingly good quality (good enough for the folks over at "Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity" magazine, not to mention several members of this forum). Happy

For this purchase, how does $3-6 sound? That's at monoprice. lol, you could probably pay more for shipping... But if you prefer to buy the cable at a store, you can pretty much get the cheapest one you feel comfortable buying; it's a digital cable, which means you'll either get 100% quality or 100% something noticeably wrong. But, if you go to Best Buy, for example, you'll be looking at $20 for Acoustic Research and $45 for Monster... for virtually the same cable. But hey, it's your money.

Anyway, two things to keep in mind, regardless of which brand you get:
1) the connector at the end looks square, but it isn't; two adjacent corners are beveled at 45 degrees. Make sure the cable is oriented appropriately when plugging it in to your gear.
2) it's a fiber optic cable, so bending it in half isn't a great idea (you wouldn't want to spend another $5, would you?) Happy

Oh, if you don't have component video cables for the Xbox, monoprice doesn't have them, but I'd estimate they'll cost about $30+. Again, you don't have to get Monster, but because it must have the Xbox connector at one end, companies can charge whatever they want because it's a specialized niche.

Anyway, good luck.