You really don't need that much. A couple more HDMI cables maybe a set or 2 of analog adio cables as well. I would go HDMI from the DTV box to the Onkyo. Another hdmi from the DVD player to the Onkyo, then HDMI from your Onkyo to your TV (as your A/V receiver has HDMI swithing 2-1 capability). This will alow you to use the surround sound broadcast on HD channels. Also this will get your HD picture from DTV as well as your DVD player to to your TV.

I would also run analog audio from the DTV box to the TV for time when the broadcast doesn't contain a digital audio signal (HDMI will not pass analog audio).

monoprice is very cheap price wise. Some people like them and there prices are rock bottom, so even if your not happy with a cable, your only out like 4 bucks.....

I prefer and am a large fan of

All my A/V cabling is from them and it is top notch stuff. Prices are very good although slightly more than monoprice.

As far as speaker wire, thats up to you. You can pick up a 100' spool of 10 or 12 gauge pretty cheap. I have 10ga speaker wire only cuz I got a spool free from a friend that works at a TV production studio.

I probably missed something, but it's late and I'm tired.... good luck!