Is to get wired when you can. Besides that, make sure your router is centrally located or located closer to where you need it to be reliable.

It may sound uncaring but if folk put the router in the basement or in the wrong spot, well it's in the wrong spot. Some tell me they can't move it and you have to wait for them to figure out that this is the best way to fix many WiFi issues short of more hardware.

Finally I find a lot of routers that work better after the firmware update. Most clients are scared to do that work but my networking buddies know this one. Update, reset it to factory settings and change as little as you can in the router settings. I've lost count of how many times that fixed it.

AFAIK those PS4s and certainly the XBOX never turn off. They could have an update happen at anytime. So unless you are turning off their AC, they can create more network traffic and well, some folk call reliable the speed issue which for that many game boxes that never turn off, might have an occasional issue.