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Home Internet: Verizon FiOS vs Time Warner Cable

Hello everyone,

This is my first time on this forum, so I apologize if my question is misplaced.

I am a college student, and next semester I will be moving into an off-campus house with 5 other students in an effort to save money by moving out of those overpriced dorms. Because we will not be covered by the school wifi, we have to purchase internet through an ISP for the house. We are lucky enough to have Verizon Fios and Time Warner Cable as our 2 options.

Fios is new in town, so not too many people around my school are familiar with it. I have plenty of friends that live off-campus and use TWC for internet; and they often complain saying it could be a lot faster, even when using the best package TWC provides. Because my future roommates are a bunch that would much rather prefer to study at home than on campus, this ISP decision holds a lot of weight. These are our 2 options:

Verizon Fios:
The package that is in the upper area of our budget is the Verizon FiOS Quantum 150/150 Mbps Internet package. These are the details accompanying it:
Premiere speed for bandwidth junkies running important backups, sharing videos and more.
Best for working at home and using multiple Internet devices at the same time
Enjoy power gaming
Upload large files to the cloud
Video conference with the whole family
Upload/download 200 full-quality photos (250MB) in 13.3 seconds.**
*Speed based on 10 Mbps per device per stream
**Time estimates based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds will vary.

Our second option is Time Warner Cable. We can afford the best package they provide, and these are the details accompanying it:
Download speeds up to 300Mbps
Upload speeds up to 20Mbps
Home WiFi service included
Access to 400,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software
30 email accounts

The Verizon Package will run us about $134/month for the whole house and the Time Warner Cable package $73/month for the whole house. I am always hearing how Verizon is so much better than TWC in every category ranging from internet speed to customer service. But because it is so expensive, when these are my 2 options, is the Verizon price tag worth it?

Also, I have an Almond Wireless Router/Range extender that I will be hooking up to the modem provided by either ISP. See here:

Thank you if you've made it this far!

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For me, TWC is OK.

In reply to: Home Internet: Verizon FiOS vs Time Warner Cable

I have no support issues and it just works. There are no "caps" in usage so I can netflix without worry. There are horror stories with all suppliers. Not one is perfect.

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I've used Comcast and Verizon FIOS

In reply to: Home Internet: Verizon FiOS vs Time Warner Cable

The FIOS is great. I have a couple friends who uses the Time Warner and they are often not happy with the service. What does that mean? Probably not much, because quality of service seems to differ from region to region. Ask around the neighborhood or better yet, look to the lines or sides of homes in the area and see which seems more popular in use. Ask neighbors.

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so much misinformation bandied about

In reply to: Home Internet: Verizon FiOS vs Time Warner Cable

You say "the best package they [TWC} provide" is only $73 a month?
That sounds ridiculous! even if you live in a backwoods of Arkansas.

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In reply to: Home Internet: Verizon FiOS vs Time Warner Cable

I live in a suburb where the local franchise is Verizon. Our home is wired with this company's fiber optic system called FIOS. We are undergoing a series of changes that are being put in place by Verizon and as subscribers we are told basically to lump it or lump it! We now have as our email carrier, AOL. You say, I thought that organization was as dead as Dial Up but sure enough we were moved over, new address, new email name and new password. AOL is OK if you don't mind the hassle. Now, we have been informed that all Landline customers will be given to a group based in Stamford, Connecticut called "Pioneer something or other". Who is Pioneer something you say? Don't really know but I bet our monthly subscription check will be cashed promptly. Looking forward to trying to get service as a bundle owner- Do I call Verizon, AOL, Pioneer, or some place off shore? Don't we all enjoy being "worked over" by these franchise holders like Verizon?

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Verizon FIOS vs Frontier

In reply to: Be Afraid, Be VERY AFRAID

Well, we were Verizon FIOS here and were taken over on 04/01/2016 by Frontier Communications. Frontier says "Nothing will change." Verizon has never said a word, no email explaining anything, zip. We had FIOS since its inception here in 2006, and it was light-years ahead of DISH prior to that.

Frontier has bad posts all over the net. Time Warner cable just came in here last year, and have been making a lot of pitches. We have decided to give them a try. Seems like no provider has any good creds on the street, so you have to do your homework and pick everything apart upfront.

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Unfair Statement

In reply to: Be Afraid, Be VERY AFRAID

I wrote my earlier comments in ignorance, leaving from the known of Verizon for the unknown called Frontier. Since the beginning of the change-over there have been some problems, enough that I finally wrote the company president with my complaints on last Monday! Guess what?today (Saturday) I got a call from Frontier! Tha gentleman was not the president

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Verizon Fios

In reply to: Home Internet: Verizon FiOS vs Time Warner Cable

Must go with Verizon Fios

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In reply to: Verizon Fios

I was set on using FIOS after having a horrible experience with TWC, however after my current experience, I am actually willing to put up with them again. So If you are considering FIOS in NYC, please consider my current ordeal:

I scheduled an appointment for installation on February 25, 2017. All seemed well with the constant email updates regarding my account. However, on the day of installation, the technician arrived and informed me that there was a problem. The FIOS tower was located at the end of the block and so he said that Verizon would contact the other property owners for permission to run the line along the back of the houses. He stated that the engineers should have already looked into this but said he would call his manager and provide me with an update. Two hours later he came back and stated that the installation could not be completed and that customer service would call me with a rescheduled appointment.

Two days later, customer service called me and stated that the earliest appointment would be rescheduled for March 6, 2017 (9 days later!!). While speaking to the representative, I informed him what the technician had told me about having to run the line across and he assured me that there were notes in the system and that it would all be resolved.

On March 6, 2017, a technician arrived and apparently had no idea what was going on. He asked me if someone had been here before, and I restated what the original technician had told me. He then proceeded to walk around the property and said he could not complete the installation and would have to call his manager. After an hour later he left. Before leaving, he stated that he believed it was the NYC's responsibility to upgrade their infrastructure and put another tower at the end of the block. (Really, then what are your commercials about??) I then proceeded to call customer service and after informing her of my issues, promptly put me on hold for an hour. When she came back on the phone, she stated that she was speaking with a manager who assured her the installation would be completed today. I then told her the technician already left so I was positive the installation was not going to be completed today. She seemed embarrassed, and then asked me if I'd like to speak to the manager myself. Total hold time for this call: 1 hr 30 mins.

When a manager finally came on the line, I found out he was only a sales manager in the Service and Sales Dept. I asked him what his role was regarding installation, and he stated that he was responsible for contacting their Dispatch Repair Channel (DRC). When asked what their responsibility is, he said it is to dispatch the technicians who do installations. I asked and he confirmed to me that there were notes in the system stating what the original issue was.

While speaking with this manager, he informed me that he spoke to a Dispatch Manager who told him that it was MY responsibility to contact my neighbors before their technicians rang the bell. All that was needed was someone who was at least 18 years old at home to give permission. I thought it was incredulous that after 2 visits from technicians, 9 days of waiting, and 2 hours of being on hold, that I was now being told that it was my responsibility to contact my neighbors??? I told him that each time the technicians came out, they stated that they called a manager, who presumably would've informed them that that would be the necessary action that needed to be taken. Even if they hadn't been told, shouldn't I have received an email notification telling me that that was what needed to be done? But it took me 2 technician visits over the course of 9 days, and being on hold for over 2 hours to be told that information???

I find the level of incompetence appalling to say the least. I realize that each one of them doesn't communicate with each other and I'm not sure who is more incompetent. Is it the engineer who doesn't tell the technician what the situation is onsite? Is it the sales manager who only cares about the sale and not the actual installation? Is it the technician who doesn't know whose responsibility it is to get permission for installation? Is it the dispatch manager for not informing their staff what the proper procedure is? Is it the area managers for not making sure everyone is on the same page? I have no idea, but after this ordeal, I will NEVER deal with them again.

I hated TWC because of my experiences with them and was really looking forward to FIOS but now I realize that no matter how much these companies say that they are different from each other, they are all the same underneath.

Crappy incompetence, no shame in giving you the run around, and not taking responsibility for incompetence. I've read that Verizon is in long term decline and now I can see why. I hope this helps others make better choices when evaluating their telecommunications options.

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Just wanted to add..


An additional highlight for Verizon's incompetence, I initally purchased their Fios Quantum Gateway Router from them thinking I would be able to save on the rental fees over my duration as a customer. From my initial order on February 25, 2017 to my second site visit on March 6th, 2017, I never received it over 9 days...

However on March 5, 2017, Verizon sends me an email stating: "Since you have opted to have your equipment installed by one of our professional technicians, please leave all of the equipment in the box for the technician to unpack and install on your scheduled appointment date."

The router arrived yesterday on March 7th, a whole day after the technician came. So even if I had not had the other issues, the technician still would not have been able to complete the installation because the equipment I ordered wasn't even sent timely. I think it's fair to assume they should've sent it back on February 25th in order to complete the installation on the initial appointment because they didn't even know what the issues were yet, right??? But they didn't even send it timely for their second time around, and the manager had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to reschedule. I'm not taking a third day off work to wait around for a technician who is probably just going to end up calling his manager again...

Moreover, my parents actually have FIOS in their building, and they've had two complete outages spanning over an hour since January, so again, don't believe them when they say they're different.

Hope this helps someone save the headache.

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Here is my take on this and TWC is a good service

In reply to: Home Internet: Verizon FiOS vs Time Warner Cable

I have been a customer of TWC for years. I enjoy the service. There are no contracts and no data caps. If somethings fails I just bring the device to the store and it's replaced no questions asked. I use my long term customer status and good payment history when I need to get around certain fees and charges that pop up from time to time. Are they perfect? Of course not but it works. Especially with the internet speed. 200 up and 200 down and it's consistent. I own a 8 unit building. 4 units have TWC and 4 have FIOS. I do not allow Satellite TV because I don't need an antenna farm on my roof. TWC tends to do neat work and they just recently did a feed upgrade that improved the signal greatly. They respect that I want all work done neatly. It is what it is.

Now for FIOS. I despise Verizon. They are corporate tax cheats and their workers are unionized and indifferent. Go to a Verizon store and even the sales reps are "independent contractors" which is a scheme for Verizon to avoid paying a fair wage. So I am biased.
In the cable closet in my building I had TWC put their connections on one wall and I had FIOS do their thing on the opposite wall. Because FIOS requires a backup battery I require the tenant pay for a properly installed GFI outlet tied to their breaker panel. And guess who pays for that battery when it wears out? The customer does! FIOS requires more infrastructure to work. TWC does that out on the street.

FIOS does have the advantage of consistent internet speeds and with the whole house DVR you can record from any TV in the house. But it only allows one channel record and one channel watch. TWC requires recording to be set from the main DVR box or their app but it's just a quirk and they used to have 2, 4, 6, 10 and 12 channel watch and record capabilities, at least in the NYC area. I'm unsure if that is still available. There was a firmware patch they kept pushing that I'm sure eliminated that nice feature so I refused the patch. It's amazing being able to watch record so much content. TWC is more Netflix friendly BTW.

But this is the open secret about FIOS they don't tell you. In addition to those stupid contrats they lock you in for the monitor your data usage. By that I mean that if they feel you are using too much bandwidth they slow you down just like they do with the cellphones. Or cut you off until the next cycle.

Yes I'm a techie, fussy and I tend to look into these things more than many people. BUT the bills are outrageous no matter the service and I just may go back to my trusty old antenna.

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Soon there will be achoice betwer Dpectrum and Fios

In reply to: Here is my take on this and TWC is a good service

I welcome that there will be a choice in my apartment bldg in NYC after only having the TWC (Spectrum) option for many years. I was at odds with TWC for a time and went through time and expense of installing an antenna on the roof to get broadcast television signal and used my cell phonr as a hot spot. It was not so good but I was able to hobble along until my landlord like the one here decided he wasn't going to allow antennae on his roof.. He is typical of the short sighted landlord in NYC and I suspect else where. People forget that the broadcast air waves are owned by the public and if one decides to not partake in the Spectrum/Fios sysstem it is there right to be able to access public broadcast stations. As a consumer who wanted to protest what was then TWC and deny them my small monthly fee I was then punished by a system which doesn't allow a citizen the freedom to access broadcasts via antenna because of an ignorant landlord like the one who commented here. If I had the time and the money I would happily bring a case where a tenant is restricted to a provider and not allowed to access free broadcast via antenna to the courts. I know I have legal and moral grounds to win such a case. When the FCC allowed the cable companies to scramble the basic channel access they really stepped into this conflict and I look forward to seeung it playout, eventually.

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