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Home internet and Mesh setup


I'm currently with a specific internet service provider with a cable internet plan of 500Mbps download speed. The cable modem has a builtin Wi-Fi routing features with dual band. While connected to the 5G wifi network and sitting right next to the modem, i'll get a good 450-470Mbps download speed during a speedtest. However, as soon as I step upstairs and run the same speedtest, i'm down to about 70Mbps and during other areas of my house I'm down to 7 or 8 Mbps !!! yes, it's terrible, streaming doesn't work upstairs in my bedroom!! I just bought a Mesh network to setup at home and it's a AC1200 with dual band. After configuring it and ensuring that I've selected 5G network, while sitting right beside one of the pods that's connected directly to the modem, I get about 60 - 80Mbps. Just wondering what can I do to get the following:
1. Close to 500Mbps while sitting next to one of the Pods wired directly into my cable internet modem.
2. Get better speed's upstairs in my room.

Would I need to invest in a high AC####? Would I be able to get a fairly decent range with a Wireless Router that has a higher AC####?
please advise. 
Thank you.

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Reporting: Home internet and Mesh setup
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Mesh does lower the speed like that.

At 60 to 80 Mbps that's over double the speed needed for UHD 4K streaming. I consider this solved.

Also, 5GHz range is significantly less than 2.4GHz but if you can get on the 5GHz then you can see higher speeds.

However since all I need for UHD 4K streaming is 25 Mbps then even 2.4GHz is fine in our home.

What's up with wanting more speed?

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Paying for 500Mbps

Thanks your response and advise in regards to HD streaming....I understand that, however, I’m paying for 500Mbps and getting less than 100Mbps with the AC1200 mesh unit plugged directly into the modem, where as without the mesh unit, I used to get almost 500Mbps on wifi when standing beside the modem....that’s the issue....and upstairs would at times be just about 7-8 Mbps....

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Then you have choices.

Either try to make your ISP deliver or redesign your network to get closer to your ISP speed.

There are so many solutions that I feel we have the overchoice problem now. I will not list out all solutions but limit myself to what our office has used in the past and present.

PS. Each solution will vary on speed. If you ever get a client that wants the fastest out of the bunch you don't take the job unless they understand you'll have to deploy and test each solution. They'll get the best solution for their home or office this way. Costly but possible.

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A bit of a confusion

The issue that I'm experiencing is that with my ISP Wifi Modem, i'm able to get a good 450-500Mbps, but when I put the modem in bridge mode and connect to one of the 3 wifi mesh pods, I only get about 60-80Mbps. Just wanted to know how I can achieve close to what i'm paying for using a mesh system as my ISP wifi router isn't strong enough to reach certain corner's of my house.
Thank you.

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You know what is slower.

And I see I shared the powerline WiFi system we've deployed in cases where we need to reach across a home.

If you feel this mesh system should work better then I defer to its maker and their support. Again, I see nothing wrong here. It's good enough speed for UHD streaming. You just wrote "I only get about 60-80Mbps".

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Thanks, but no thanks

I'm going to click on "THIS ANSWERS MY QUESTION" but i'll be taking my inquiry elsewhere, I understand that 60-80Mbps is good enough for UHD, but my question is as to why am I not getting about 500 with the mesh system as opposed to the ISP modem? I'm paying for just about 500. Makes no sense to pay for so much and not even receive that type of connection. Owel, Thanks for taking out the time in responding to me. Appreciate it. Have a great day.

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I re-read this discussion

And the make and model of the mesh system doesn't appear to be here. As such I can't look at why this mesh system is apparently underperforming.

All I can offer is that most gear today arrives broken. That is, the firmware is buggy and in need of updating since the makers get something close to working then produce it, pack it while the engineering team works to complete the software.

Or it's just a bad mesh system. I can't look into it since the make and model eludes me.

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Wasn’t sure if I was allowed to...

TP-Link AC1200 model: Deco M4.

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Reviews do note:

"The performance tailed off quite quickly at longer distances where more obstructions were involved - more so that we’ve seen from the likes of the Netgear Orbi. We would have liked the app to provide a bit more information on the network itself, but this is a minor criticism."

I can't guess where you placed your devices. Here's a common mistake: SOME FOLK PLACE the devices at the cable modem (OK!) and then in the room they wanted coverage (NOT OK.)

Remember I do not and have never endorsed "range extenders" but just like a range extender you place the first unit at the cable modem and the next one goes about halfway between the first unit and the area that needs coverage.

So while I am no replacement for TP Link's own support I would be sure of a few things before I return the set.

1. Be sure the firmware and apps are current.
2. Try changing the second unit's location halfway between the cable modem and the intended area.
3. Speed above about 70 Mbps demand 5GHz channel use but 5GHz falls off fast so for long distances this system is likely a bust for owners that want over 100 Mbps results. Nod to powerline WiFi for that.

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Thank you

Thanks for your time with this
I've ensured that the firmware has been updated
Have tried moving the POD's around. However, the concern still outstanding is the speed that I'm getting while right next to the Pod that's wired to the modem (60-70Mbps) and without the POD, the modem spits out a good ~470Mbps.
Thank you.

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I wonder.

I wonder if the device "right next to the POD" is on a 2.4GHz CHANNEL. If so, 70 would be the right number.

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No, I made sure it was on 5GHz and tested.

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I'd skip mesh and try PowerLine WiFi.

There are so many out there but this may still not be good enough as there will ALWAYS be a faster link in any network and having run into new clients or new IT staff that wants the fastest speed everywhere, well, they can't be helped.

Setting that aside can you try a powerline WiFi system? One part goes by your router and the other goes in the room you want the better coverage and speed than you get now.


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