Seems he has since been given a life sentence. I think there may have been a mistake allowing him to be free pending sentencing until this month.

BTW, while looking for an update on that guy, I came across another article about a nutcase which is excerpted here:

Bassam Khalaf was fired from his job as a baggage screener at Houston?s George Bush Intercontinental Airport on July 7. Airport officials discovered that under the name ?Arabic Assassin,? he had recorded a rap CD entitled Terror Alert, on which he described himself as a ?crazy, suicidal Arabic ... equipped with bombs? and threatened to hijack a plane on September 11, 2005 and fly it into a building.

A statement on his website says, ?I CHOSE THIS NAME BECAUSE IT FITS ME. IM ARABIC AND ILL ASSASSINATE YO A**.? Yet despite the forthright bloodlust in his lyrics, he professed to be bewildered about his firing: ?I kept my music and my job separate,? he protested. ?What does my music have to do with my job?? About his firing, he said: ?I know part of it is racially motivated.?