HLT6187S "no signal" issue eventually gets signal after 5m

I bought this TV back in 2008, it was and still is a great TV, but for the past couple of years or so I've been having an issue with the TV not being able to get a signal when first turning it on after long period of it being turned off.

I have an Onkyo reciever with all my components (DirecTV box, PS4, XBOX 360, DVD player, etc) connected to it. I use a Harmony remote to start my activities and turn on the appropriate devices (i.e. "watch TV", play playstation), etc.

However when I first try these activities in the morning when everything has been turned off for a while, the TV struggles to find a signal. I will get a picture for a moment, then it goes back to the blue screen saying "no signal", it then goes back to the picture, and then I get a snowy screen, then "no signal" again. It does this song and dance for about 5 - 7 minutes, and then the picture on the screen stays and I have no other problems for the rest of the day. It only occurs in the mornings, or when the TV as been off for a while.

I thought it was the receiver, but even when connecting my PS4, and direcTV box directly to the TV and leaving it this way overnight and trying again in the morning, I still get the same "no signal" issue.

My guess is a component in the TV is failing, but I do not know which one. I replaced a couple of fans that failed years ago, and recently I replaced the DLP chip last year to fix the white dot issue, but unfortunately, it did not fix the "No signal" issue.

Any one else have this issue and know how to fix it? I have no problem going into the TV to replace a failing part, if that's required, I just don't want to waste my money on a part I don't need.

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Reporting: HLT6187S "no signal" issue eventually gets signal after 5m
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Sadly this is where the shop or depot has it all over us.

At the shop I can swap a suspect board until I find it. No tech I know can nail it the first time everytime.

However the age issue points to our old friend BAD CAPS. Google that and inspect all boards for that issue. The criteria for this is perfection. There is no second place, looks OK. These must be perfect.

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Thanks for your quick reply. After reading your post, it refreshed my memory that I actually replaced the LED board in it as well. Long story short a couple of years ago, the caps on the LED board blew out. I replaced them, but instead of using that old board, I just bought a new board from a repair shop and have been using that board ever since. But I still however have my original LED board with the new caps installed. I'll examine that board tonight to see if I can see any damage to the caps on the LED board or any other place in the TV.

The TV still works great after waiting 5 - 7 minutes so maybe its not worth it to try my repaired LED board in it, but maybe one day i'll give it a shot. Worse case, I'll end up having to get a new TV, but after 8 years it may be about that time anyway.

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Issue solved. After doing extensive research I just ended up replacing the entire main board assembly. In my case the item number was BP94-02303C. This assembly has the main board, as well as all the TV ports connected to it. There is also an A version of this board (BP94-02303A) that uses DVI cables instead of ribbon cables.

It easily pulled out the TV once I undid all the cables connecting to other parts of the TV and removing the screws. Once out, the only thing I had to do was transfer my existing power supply to the new assembly which was also easily done.

Once I got everything back together I had some issues with not getting any picture, but for some reason a quick re-seat of the board that houses the DLP chip, the picture came back.

TV looks great now and no more handshake issues. I press "Watch TV", "Play Playstion 4", "Play XBOX" etc, and the signal is immediately recognized and I can start playing right away and not have to wait over 5 minutes of "No signal" messages from the TV. Also, I never realized how washed out my colors were using the old board until I popped this new board in, it literally looks like a brand new TV. For all intents and purposes it is since I replaced the DLP chip a few years ago, the Sub power supply, a couple of fans, and now the main board.

I still have issues with some subtle color shifting when I first turn on the TV sometimes, but turning it off and turning it on again seems to resolve the issue and the picture looks great, my guess would be a failing power supply. That will be my next project.

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I'd file this link and content.
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good point on the LED driver. I'll see how it does right now, and if the color shifting gets worse or becomes permanent I'll open it up again to do some more tinkering. I'm hoping to get as much life out of this TV as possible.

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