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Hizzoner finally comes clean as if we didn't know before.


Quote of the Day: "Drunken Stupor" Joins Pantheon of Great Political Excuses

By Kevin Drum
| Tue Nov. 5, 2013 10:07 AM PST

"From Toronto mayor Rob Ford, finally admitting that he's smoked crack cocaine:

"Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago."

"Well, OK then! That explains everything. "Drunken stupor" will surely now join "wide stance" and "when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal" in the pantheon of memorable excuses for bad behaviour among politicians."

He was caught, and filmed on a camera phone which then uploaded it onto the Net, then mysteriously it vanished. It has recently been recovered from the server's Hard Drive where Delete of course failed to Delete it. How dumb are these people.

And I feel so much better knowing the Mayor of Toronto is an admitted Drunken Buffoon.

Enjoy the moment folks. I always complained about the Fat Idiot anyway.

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It is not surprising

In reply to: Hizzoner finally comes clean as if we didn't know before.

that someone who can't keep track of his, apparently many, drunken stupors can't be sure of what he did during them.

He'll probably get reelected.


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Hi, Dan! It's been ages!

In reply to: It is not surprising

Hope all is well with you.

The "drunken stupor" explanation was one for the books, wasn't it. And apparently his poll numbers went UP after he confessed. Canadians. Wink

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Dead Politician Bounce. More video has emerged of Rob Fraud

In reply to: Hi, Dan! It's been ages!

ranting and raving and swearing and threatening people, and there's been another major furor today, Thursday. His excuse? Well, "I was drunk", worked once, why not "Play It Again, Sam". Which was a fun Woody Allen Film even though Bogart never said it in Casablanca.

The thing I'm outraged about at the moment is that nobody is saying, "You're a disgrace and a drunk and a drug addict and an abusive bully and you're not fit for office. You have committed a crime on "film" and if you don't resign we're voting you out of office." Everyone is tippy-toeing around this Jumbo Idiot as if he was a Mafia Don, which wouldn't surprise me. One of the 3 people with whom he was filmed smoking crack, has indeed been whacked in the classic manner.

I'm hoping the Province steps in and boots him, tries him and "sends him straight to filthy jail" as Al Pacino says in the bowdlerized version of "And Justice for All."

I want the old practice of Running a Corrupt Official Out of Town on a Rail to be revived, though I'll have to cede my place carrying to someone much fitter and younger given the size of the Rotund Square Root of Negative One.

And for music to accompany the ritual, Vintage Trouble doing Pelvis Pusher, which I saw on Later with Craig Ferguson, and was totally blown away by. Fabulous sweaty 60's R&B a la Wilson Pickett or Sam and Dave on a really really hot night. Get a good bounce going to that rail as you run him up past Barrie and dump him 20 miles from nowhere on the Canadian Shield There are some great bogs and swamps up there for him to extract himself from.


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Well Hopefully the Canadians

In reply to: Dead Politician Bounce. More video has emerged of Rob Fraud

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Yes but it wasn't a fair catch

In reply to: Well Hopefully the Canadians

It was a sting operation...a trap. The only fair method today is to have something captured on a cell phone camera and post it on a social media site. Then it's "Book 'em Danno!"

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Is that supposed to be a shot at the way Ford was caught?

In reply to: Yes but it wasn't a fair catch

Ford jumped into the cooking pot and said "Cook me, Danno!" all by himself, Steven.

Nobody sneaked up on him with a hidden camera in infrared or a starlight scope, he was just hanging with his homey's posing for cell phone photographs and somehow one bit of video ended up on the Net. And then it ended up Deleted from the Net within hours for more than a year. But as any half wit, which encompasses the voting public both north and south of the border, knows, Once Posted it never goes away, unless you destroy all the Servers instantaneously as well.

And now there's more footage of Rob Ford in some state of intoxication, substance unknown, threatening and swearing and acting just like the ... See this is the trouble. I'm an educated and relatively verbally adept person, but he has exceeded my vocabulary, not by a word or two or ten but by several orders of magnitude. He surpasses vituperation and eviscerates vulgarity and all the four letter and ten and twelve letter brothel language pales into insignificance. It just fades from the page entirely.

Toronto despite being quite a lovely and reasonably undisfigured city has had its share of Mayors of doubtful quality as I may have mentioned, including a guy who made his millions in discount appliance sales, was a joke before he ran for office, and continued to be a joke in office to which of course he was re-elected by the burbs at the expense of the City and who was very similar to Mr Ford except his wife pretended she had been kidnapped in an outburst of wifely neglect and he had substantially more sense of civic responsibility and probity and was about 1/8th the size of the Whale. Short Man Syndrome covered him like a tent. But Ford is Marion Barry, Ed Koch, and just about every other city's gargoyle rolled into one.

Yes, he has problems, poor baby. He's an Alcoholic and a Drug User and a cheat and a liar, and he's been overheard on tape denigrating the kids he used to coach using ethnic slurs that were common in the 1930's but give him his due, this is a guy who makes Richard Nixon at his worst look practically lovable though no less corrupt.

Fortunately I believe and hope that he has damaged himself, and his brother who is the Brains of the Operation and his friends on City Council so badly that there's a reasonable chance there will be a serious house cleaning. And I'm hoping that the cleaning is done through a Provincial Court of Inquiry and not multiple but endless arrests and convictions, because the level of corruption that has been going on is simply unmeasurable. We went through all this 12 years ago, and the crooks got voted out and some of them went to jail, and we had 8 years of good administration except for the Conservative 'burbs who handcuffed the Mayor from taking care of the business that needed caring for but at least it was relatively clean, until Ford got in. Then it went to hell in a heart beat.

What is it about Conservatives and corruption? In New York and Chicago it was the Democrats, but up here and down there mostly, it's not that way, whether you like it or not. You read Canadian History, short as it is despite it being 17 years longer than American. (The French settled in Quebec in 1603 and never went home, and then there were people over-wintered in Newfoundland going back to the Vikings) and its the Conservatives. The Family Compact who ran Ontario when It was Upper Canada through the 1820's and 30's, that cozy bunch of related wealthy families who scratched one another's backs while they held their feet on the necks of the regular folks, and how interbred they were. Me, I just think that the trickle down theory should be allowed to work a little more actively.

Ah me, this man inspires me to heights of outrage I've never reached before, and I marched repeatedly in Washington in the hey-day of protest marches. I got arrested and thrown into Redskin Stadium before it was re-named Robert F Kennedy Stadium, kind of like the stadium in Santiago, Chile, from which so few emerged alive. Gee, you don't think the two ideas were related do you? Same President, RMN. Nah, that's just conspiracy theories backed up by evidence.

So, It could be worse guys. You could be in Toronto ... except of course I grew up in and around Baltimore, and Toronto is still white-glove, by-your-leave, tip-your-hat corruption compared to the US.

So don't feel too smug just yet.


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I don't care what side

In reply to: Is that supposed to be a shot at the way Ford was caught?

of the political aisle he's on, he doesn't deserve to serve.

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(NT) Thank you, James. I agree wholeheartedly. Rob

In reply to: I don't care what side

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(NT) The answer to the question in your titile is NO!

In reply to: Is that supposed to be a shot at the way Ford was caught?

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(NT) Sorry if I misunderstood. Thank you Steven.

In reply to: The answer to the question in your titile is NO!

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Hey, Josh!

In reply to: Hi, Dan! It's been ages!

All is well, thankyouverymuch. How's things with you?

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Can't complain....

In reply to: Hey, Josh!

.....but then again, if I didn't complain I wouldn't be a real New Yorker. Wink

Other than the fact that I keep coming back here despite my better instincts, I'm good.

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It just gets worse.

In reply to: Hizzoner finally comes clean as if we didn't know before.


"Ford has staked his image on the illusion that he's some run-of-the-mill hoser, just like you and me (provided that we're both white guys who like football and hate the idea that City Hall is burning through our precious tax dollars). In doing so, he's made himself Canada's leading exemplar of the Tea Party model of identity politics; he's a rich white guy who portrays himself as the angry little guy. In doing so he leverages phony right-wing populism to win working-class votes.

"As various pundits have noticed, Ford has built his career attacking both those he perceives as the coddled poor and the spoiled elite in city government. This strategy has worked in his favor with Toronto's people who feel their taxes are being poorly spent. But in office Ford has been hit with scandal after scandal related to the improper use of public funds. What Ford rarely says is that his father was a millionaire businessman who sat in the Ontario legislature between 1995 and 1999 as part of the province's Progressive Conservative Party, during a period of privatization, tax cuts and brutal cuts to social programs."

A little orientation, the Progressive??!! Conservative provincial government in the 90's imported its campaign team from the Reagan advisors who structured Christine Todd Wittman's New Jersey Governor's race. I found it odd that Canadians would import American political advisors given the differences between the two political systems. According to my friends, and the newspapers here, it was unprecedented.

"Part of Ford's costume as an average guy is a readiness to admit that he likes to party — a cheery euphemism for his substance abuse problems. He likes to party enough that he showed up this summer at Toronto street festival Taste of the Danforth "hammered" - his word. At the festival he was caught on video shouting, "Let's party" and apparently "Do you want some blow? I can get you some blow." (It has also been suggested that he was offering cologne.)" If you thought "drunken stupor" was brilliant, how about "Cologne" as a cover for an offer of "blow"?

"In 2007, he was ejected from a Toronto Maple Leafs game for drunkenly yelling at a fan who asked him to be quiet, "Who the **** do you think you are? Are you a ******* teacher? Do you want your little wife to go over to Iran and get raped and shot?" " Remember what I said about ethnic slurs dating back to the 1930's? how about that piece of verbal assault. Ford represents that peculiar element of Conservative Culture (an oxymoron as big as Ford himself) who think that teachers are contemptible "egg-heads" and are far too well paid. In Canada, and in Toronto, they are reasonably well paid, and work very long and hard for the money. And those "egg-heads" are Primary and Secondary teachers.

"But Ford's antics, spectacular though they are, tend to distract from his fundamental political orientation, which has always been defined by vicious, xenophobic conservatism bred by entitlement. He strongly opposes immigration to Toronto (a city of more than 49 percent visible minorities): In 2003 he suggested the city declare itself a "refugee-free zone," was quoted in 2008 as saying "Those Oriental people work like dogs. [...] I'm telling you, the Oriental people, they're slowly taking over," and in 2010 argued for an immigration cap. He successfully fought a 2002 attempt to widen the city's network of homeless shelters outside of downtown, saying, "This is an insult to my constituents to even think about having a homeless shelter in their ward. And you want me to have a public meeting to discuss this? Why don't we have a public lynching?" "

"Naturally, Ford critics will fall upon these comments as evidence of his hypocrisy and corruption, but it's not Ford's substance-abuse problems that highlight his inability to govern properly. Rather, from the beginning of his time in office as a city councillor, he has ruled with a combination of ignorance and self-interest, dismissing numerous scandals and allegations of corruption out of hand, attempting always to draw the public's attention back to the supposed "gravy train." For some reason, it still seems to be working for members of Ford Nation. Following his admission yesterday, 60 percent of Torontonians polled said they felt he should resign, but 30 percent of Toronto residents remained steadfast in their support for him. Their position might be summed up in the words of one suburban shopper interviewed by the CBC at a strip mall in Ford's home neighborhood of Etobicoke, "If he smokes and saves me money, I'll vote for him, even if he's a bum." "

The sad truth however is that he isn't saving them money, he's just creating such a smoke screen that his erratic and questionable governance, which has cost the City 65 million dollars for just one cancelled contract, never seems to get properly investigated. He's a big city mayor with the charm of a junkyard dog and the intelligence of a junkyard dog.

As an eternal optimist, I hope and pray that the supposed spikes in his approval are merely generated by name recognition, and a strange sort of sympathy for a huge brute willing and clever enough to display himself as a victim, instead of a man who has made endless deliberate stupid and criminal choices. He's a conservative who wants everyone else to shoulder responsibility while he does his Boris Yeltsin act.

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It keeps getting worse. CBC is now chasing stories of

In reply to: Hizzoner finally comes clean as if we didn't know before.

"suitcases full of cash" in search of the owner of the cell-phone (too late, it was already uploaded onto the net). One of the three in the video with him has already been whacked. I'm eager to see how far this can go, and how many people will end up in jail.

Has it occurred to you that "gaol" is so much more satisfying a word to contemplate. Jail is all crowded together, but gaol spreads out, and lets you contemplate a potential long sentence much better. Perhaps if the US switched over to Gaol instead of all those words we use, jail, prison, penitentiary (there's a laughable word, no one in penitentiary is penitent) it would help with recidivism. Nobody cares about jail, jails nothing to be afraid of, but GAOL, might actually get through the tough *** attitude.


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Gaol better than jail

In reply to: It keeps getting worse. CBC is now chasing stories of

even as an amusing diversion and whimsically kidding that's ridiculous sounding.

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Time Out an English humour and entertainment magazine from

In reply to: Hizzoner finally comes clean as if we didn't know before.

the 60's right to today, had a code to cover politicians getting hammered in public. "Tired and emotional" was one of them, and Erratic and Overwrought. It very quickly became information widely tossed about, and politicians actually seemed to begin to manage their excessive consumption in public.

Oh, The Danforth, isn't a club or anything like that. It's Danforth Avenue, which has great Greek restaurants, and a fabulous party ever summer. Ford got thoroughly hammered there and made a massive *** of himself (what else) and offended just about everyone.


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