1] Please, do not post in all capital letters. It is like SHOUTING!! And besides, it is very difficult to follow what you are saying.

2] I don't understand. You said before you installed a new hard drive you had a History folder, but it is not there now. Not where? On your old hard drive?

3] What exactly have you done? Have you replaced the old C drive with a new one?

If so, how did you install XP Pro onto your new drive? If from a Windows XP Installation CD that would have installed the OS on the new drive, including Internet Explorer and IE's History file.

If not, are you still using the old C drive as the C drive? And what is on the new drive?

4] Do you still have Internet Explorer? If so, does it have a History button above the address bar?

5] Do a search, (Start > Search) for the History folder.