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High PF Usage

I dunno if i'm posting this in the right place but here goes:

OK, Heres the problem, since about a month ago i have been having probs with my PC, i dont know wether its normal & i just haven't noticed it before now, but my PF usage is through the roof. this happens on a clean install with nothing much running, with & without SP2 & lots of other diff ways & configurations i have tried.
The PF usage still stays very high, around the 400-500MB mark.

Heres a couple o' screenies

ive run virus & Spyware scans and found nothing. Like i said this happens on a clean install with just my basics running, XP, Zonealarm, Adaware.

I have 512MB of PC2100 DDR RAM

Please any help or comments would be greatly appriceiated as i'm at my wits end

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Reporting: High PF Usage
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High PF Usage

Paging File, Virtual Memory

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Your Task Manager does not show...

excessive memory usage. Matter of fact, overall I see no problem.

It does indicate a possible "leaky Application" depending on whether or not Physical Memory steadily drops without rebounding as programs are opened and closed.

Your screen seems to indicate multiple users and if so their own usage gets offloaded to the page file to keep actual physical memory available to current applications.

Your total and peak usage indicate that your page file is more than adequate and your available physical memory indicates that the system is not running short on RAM.

Your processes does indicate that one of the services controlled by Svchost.exe may be a bit excessive and might well be contributing to paging if the service is not actually getting use. This link will tell you how to discover what services or service groups are being controlled -

You can run System Monitor and use the appropriate object counters to better ascertain what is going on within the page file. This link will guide you through the use of the System Monitor -;en-us;305610&sd=tech For disk paging the counters to use are:
Process (all processes)\Working set
Memory\Pages Input/sec
and Memory\Pages Output/sec
(those confirm hard page faulting)
Comparing reads and read bytes with the following counters will show any impact of page faulting:
Memory\Page Reads/sec
PhysicalDisk\Disk Reads/sec
PhysicalDisk\Avg disk reads/sec

You have to monitor over a period of time and won't get instantaneous gratification.

An additional helpful hint - if you are letting the system manage your paging file your "concern" could be caused by page file fragmentation. Setting its maximum and minimum size both to the same value will eliminate fragmentation and provide a non-discernable but real "speed improvement".

PS - You can get a faster general idea of what is going on in your system's memory if you Select the Processes tab then click on the VIEW menu and then Select Columns and select ALL (won't see all as some will not show if others are showing).

PPS - You started out with "OK, Heres the problem, since about a month ago i have been having probs with my PC" but never got around to actually mentioning any actual PROBLEM you have been having. All you got around to mentioning was an observation you had. Want to actually mention the PROBLEMS you referred to? We really would like to help.

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sorry about the lack of info

i thought the PF usage being so high was a problem with my sys, as a few other peeps i know dont have their PF ever go that high

the weird thing is, iv'e installed SP2 now and its back down around the 150mb mark when my sys is idle, but could that be due to the fact i set my max & min PF settings to the same?

i dont have multiple users, but i do have a seperate partition on my only HDD with folders for me and my wife in there (just where we put our stuff, like apps, music, books etc etc.)

i may have not been precise in the info i gave, but that sure is the best help ive had over the matter.

im reading the links and will go over it all.


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