detectible to your eyes as to revealing more than 720P at screen sizes of 50" or larger. Now, I am a senior so, to me, my 17" laptop screen would be welcome at even larger sizes. So, bigger is better to a set of older eyes. Not that I don't want a razor sharp computer screen, but its function is to be a computer screen. It is otherwise wasteul to overbuild. I only wish I could enlarge those tiny fonts. Better for TV to be an incidental while one is striving to enhance their future via demonstration of finely honed intellectual accomplishment.

In case the notion eluded you, only the cream of the grade point average get the rewards of playing the game; multiple offers of the best jobs. Those of us less talented can try to accommodate by being the dullard drones who put in endless hours unless you are one of those who plays the organization political games better than others. Yeah, my boss was about as dumb as dirt, but a keen politician. In the long run, one's compromises lead only to dissatifaction. Rising to one's highest potential is the only route to enough decision making power to possibly make some small injustice better. There's little justice in the world; it must be struggled for.

Of course, if you are somehow creatively brilliant, enjoy your status as a Silicon Valley biggie. Bill Gates has always been a dork, but who cares, least of all, him? Or become a Willie Nelson & enjoy the good grass.