But that was far too many for me to pull up and compare. That aside I will write I really enjoy my Acer Predator, Asus ROG and Asus Vivobook.

I think the Vivobook won't stand up to users abusing the laptop. In fact all laptops with an exception of Toughbooks and ThinkTanks tend to break if the user drops or pounds on them. I don't want to write what I think of such abuse here but am encountering folk that want a machine to take the punishment the owner dishes out.

I see a model there with FREE DOS which is fine if you are to load up Linux but then I encounter folk that melt down installing Windows. Well, Windows does install but the owner can't figure out the order of drivers and apps to install to get it working as good as say the factory installed Windows. Some of those buyer lay the blame on Microsoft or even me when I share my generic install routine.