Their booth was in kinda the giant "every mans" hall where the sorts of brands we talk about are located ( south hall). It wasn't as easy to listen to them as it was the super high rent speakers. They all had their own separate conference rooms in the LV Hilton. With those, you could really give them a serious test drive in a fairly quiet room . I'll tell you one thing, the physical appearance and finsih on the HIVI speakers gave them the appearance of much more expensive super high end brands. The big bad boys that drew me to the booth, though, were these:

They had a 7.1 set up with these as the front left and right and two very large subwoofers. There was no way to test just how loud they could go but the sheer sight of the set up would make a smart man run. They are a simply awesome sight. You just gotta go next year. However, given the amount of data you would absorb at a CES, you might need one of us to go with you and pour water on your head if it starts to overheat.