I knew a few of them:

"She Loves You" at the end of "All You Need is Love" is Paul.

The edit in Strawberry fields comes right before the second verse starts. They recorded the song twice, with different instrumentation each time, and John decided he liked the first version of the first verse and the 2nd version of the rest of the song. Problem was the two versions were in slightly different keys (a half-step apart), and George Martin had to speed one up and slow the other down to get them to match.

The voices at the end of "I Am The Walrus" are chanting "Everybody's got one." Rumor for years that it was "Everbody smoke pot." You can also hear a bit of a radio production of Shakespeare's "King Lear." It's a death scene and it was regarded as a clue in the "Paul is Dead" rumor.

The voice effects in "Yellow Submarine" are being done by John (the "dock sounds").

"Revolution 9" when played backwards is supposed to recreate the sounds of the car crash that "killed" Paul. The repeated "Number nine, number nine..." played backwards sounds like "turn me on, dead man." Honest.

Ringo had the blisters. The song actually ended in quite a long jam, which was edited (via a fade out and fade back in) for the album. By the end of it Ringo did in fact have blisters on his fingers.