Here's the problem

(4+4) * 5 + 9 - 8 + 17 + 5 * (7 + 1 * 3) =

Posed on a tv show that gives money for the correct answer...last night it was up to $6300 with no correct answer so they gave the answer.

What do YOU think the correct answer is? I came no where near their version of the answer.

I'll post their answer later, and mine.

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Did it twice and came up with

178 both times. I believe you begin by solving for what's inside the parenthesis. Thus 4+4=8 and 7+1 x 3 =40. Each set inside the parenthesis is preceded by a multiplier so you do those next. You have 8 x 5 =40 and 50 x 5=120. The middle expresses are a chain of + and - so you can do them in any order. Taken together, they = 18. So, you end up with 40 + 18 + 120 = 178. At least I hope so but my beginning math was old school and they may not use the same logic now. Happy

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See if this changes your calculations
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That would change the calculation in the right side

parenthetic expression. I thought of that but, as I recall, had they meant to have one multiply 1 x 3 separately, there would have been brackets and parenthesis both present. It would be like 5 x [7 +(1 x 3) ]. In any event, the link method would change the 24 that I came up with to a 10 and the 120 to 50. This would leave me with 40 + 18 + 50 or 108. Are we getting close yet?

These aren't things I worry about when balancing the check book as all I need to know is how to subtract.

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108...I agree.

108 was given by a couple of the callers and they were told it was incorrect.

It's a tv show that you call a 1-900 number with your guess. I've watched it a few times and the other times their answer was way off of my calculations by 10 or 15 times. I did see it one time that someone won, but their answer was way off of my calculations.

They have the answer in an envelope and when they get the correct answer they open the envelope..Obviously the announcer knows the answer in the envelope. I question if it is a setup so a certain predetermined person with the answer phones in. They get money from the 1-900 calls and payout to their friends.

The answer they gave was....hold on to your hat......1569!!!!
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(NT) Then they show how they got that?
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No...on one occasion they flashed a piece of paper

with lines of numbers, flashed so fast a person couldn't read anything.

the "answer" was in large hand written numbers, but you couln't see any calculations.

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I can't come up with anything like that number

I'm fairly certain this was something I was taught back in El Ed. The odd thing I noted in your string was the use of the * which, on a computer keypad, indicates that the function is to multiply. As I recall, a number preceding parenthesis needed no character if it was to be a multiplier and a multiplier would never follow parenthesis. I see your math problem as really being properly written as 5(4+4) + 9 - 8 + 17 + 5(7 + 1 * 3) = and it appears that

Google agrees

I think you should sue the station for your $6300.

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I copied it the way they had it on the screen.

I think you should sue the station for your $6300.

I don't think that is going to happen.

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new math?

7+1 x 3 =40

50 x 5=120
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Ya' got me...

The 40 comes from (4x4)*5 or 8x5. On the other end I came up with either 50 or 120 depending on the calculation sequence. I just edit poorly but, if the answer is 1569, someone's math is newer than mine.

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(NT) 1512
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(NT) Can you show how you got that number?
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I did it this way

((4+4) * 5) + (9 - 8 + 17 + 5) * ((7 + 1) * 3) =

(40 + 23) * (8 * 3) =

63 * 24 = 1512


I don't think their answer is correct.

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correct to;

(((4+4) * 5) + (9 - 8 + 17 + 5)) * ((7 + 1) * 3) = 1512

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If I remember correctly the order is

multiply and divide
plus and minus

So it would be 3*1 and then +7


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I believe that's correct but

would leave it even further from their answer.

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(NT) Yep
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RE: I don't think their answer is correct.

There is something going on there.

It's a French channel, I don't speak French but the guy was screaming and yelling about the incorrect answers he was getting and his eyeballs were almost popping out of his head, this went on for about 20 was hilarious.

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Hmm...French. That might explain it

Bad year for wine. Causes one to randomly trans-locate segments of an equation.

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