Are YOU suggesting a Trump surrogate would admit to TheRUMP "changing position"?

TheRUMP and his "surrogates" won't even admit they've "evolved", let alone they've "changed position/policy".

Trump denies 'flip-flopping' on immigration

Donald Trump and his surrogates on Monday pushed back against the idea that the Republican presidential nominee is softening his hard-line positions on immigration, with Trump himself insisting there has been no “flip-flopping” on his part.

The campaign has found itself on the defensive after BuzzFeed reported over the weekend that Trump had indicated an openness to legalization for undocumented immigrants and after his new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said Trump’s use of a deportation force is “to be determined.”

A Full List of Donald Trump's Rapidly Changing Policy Positions

Donald Trump changes his mind so frequently and so dramatically that a compilation of his current policies would not tell the whole story, nor would it be up to date for very long — he once offered up three different views on abortion in eight hours. By mixing facts with exaggerations and outright falsehoods in hundreds of interviews while simultaneously refusing to offer specifics — insisting that unpredictability is an advantage he'll use to cut better deals — Trump and the Republican Party that's nominated him are putting forward the most elusive presidential platform in modern history.

Meanwhile, his campaign insists that the policy has not changed at all.