Hello, I want to ask how to upgrade my pc
MOtherboard:H-I41-uATX (Eton/EtonL)
chipset: Intel G41 express
memory sockets:2xDDR3(Front side bus speeds1333/1066/800mhz)
Processor:Intel pentium E5400(2.7Ghz)(2 cores)
memory: currently 2GB
Graphics:Intel GMA x4500

Now my pc is 8+years ,I think, and first in my mind is that to upgrade it but i don't know what to upgrade first and what will be a better compatible upgrade for a specific part or if i should buy a new pc but because I'm on a tight budget and i think i can't afford buying new pc for now, So i want to resort to upgrading and hoping that it will fix some problems(while playing a MOBA and opening a browser either one will become unresponsive for a little while and FPS drops from 40fps to 2fps, when refreshing my screen sometimes it takes more than 5 seconds ) I hope you can help me

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Reporting: HELP/SUGGESTION/OPINION to my 8+ year pc
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And a Gamer

Sadly, that's not one you want to upgrade, it won't get you what you want. You could get a bit better if Play On Linux works with that game, or is on Steam, and you ran something like Linux Mint on it instead of windows.

If you really want to game better, you will need a better computer instead.

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And A Gamer

hello i am currently playing LoL and while I'm currently playing and want to open a browser I.e chrome to check my Fb account etc. , my pc becomes unresponsive for sometime so i was wondering how to solve the problem

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Fastest browsers
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im currently have chrome but my main issue is if my PC can still be upgraded and is it good to be upgraded or just buy a new one instead

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OK consider this

Any upgrade you do on that system, MUST be able to transfer to a new computer in the future, otherwise you spent some money that would have paid for your new computer and take longer to buy it. If you can't get a video card that you would be using in your new computer later on, then it's not worth the upgrade cost. If the video currently is part of the motherboard, then you could share more RAM to it and maybe do a bit better. How much RAM is shared already? (That's done in the BIOS).

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RAM and Video card

Can you recommend some Video card that will be compatible to my old pc but also can be use again when I buy or build a new pc , speaking of How much ram is shared already that is done in BIOS I dont have an idea on how to do it and how can i do it better

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I see it has a PCIe slot but you need to reveal more.

If this is some HP, just share a link to the model so folk can know if you are stuck in a micro case.

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Often during POST, the time before windows boots, you cvan press the DEL key and get into the BIOS. There are options there you can set, one being how much RAM you want to share to the video. You MIGHT be able to share 500MB, but that depends on how much your version of windows needs and what other programs you may have open when game playing.

Here are your available Expansion Slots: One PCI Express x16, Two PCI Express x1, One PCI, One PCI Express x1 minicard socket

Of course you would need something for the x16 slot. The card would need drivers for your operating system. These are available at Amazon for PCI Express slots.

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If you must...
...., then slap this one on there. It's not too expensive and won't set you back too much. Nvidia and Intel work together well too and if later you decide to convert your old computer to Linux, you can use Nvidia proprietary drivers (mods) in Linux also instead of standard default drivers (mods).

I'm gone.
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2GB? Maybe just ram?

You didn't reveal the OS so more RAM may not be supported. To avoid a lot of questions how about a Web Speccy. Read on how.

As to cost. I worry that upgrade costs may be more than a new laptop (well, new to you.) For
125.94 USD to my door I ordered 2 of this one.

Now it's no gamer but it has twice the RAM and about double the graphics speed.

I worry that upgrades could exceed what I bought an entire laptop for.

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Here's his motherboard
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Until I see a Web Speccy my advice is to move on.

Imagine if they ran a 32 bit OS. Adding RAM won't help much. Also, I've run Linux on a c2d with 4500mhd and it was awful. We eventually retired all those machines.

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Yes, but....

....he seems determined to stay with this current computer. I'm worried he will waste money on video card that won't give him what he wants on that computer and be that much more behind on purchasing a newer gaming computer.

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What do you think of the 125.94 dollar laptop?

From what I can tell that's double the RAM, nearly double the graphics performance and a mild tick up on the CPU. All for the price of a video card.

PS. The 125.94 dollar price included tax and shipping.
Notice it's HP's "Pro" model.

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asking me???

I just don't care for laptops nor tablets and consider cellphones an inconvenient necessity at times.

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Shared ram

Hey i have figured it out my shared memory and it is 702 MB

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Hi i currently using Windows 7 ultimate and its a PC and can I post a new post that is associated with this post so that more people can help me and i will try to post using "Speccy"

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i hope it can help
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The OTHER discussion.
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Speccy reading. What I would do.

I can't guess if there is a micro case involved here so to suggest a card may be hit or miss. Supply the link to your HP model for members to look at.

1. RAM. It looks like you can safely try and add a single second 2GB stick. pegs this at 15 dollars. TO AVOID COMPLICATIONS ALWAYS USE THE SAME MAKE, MODEL FOR ALL STICKS.

2. LSI SoftModem. I wonder if the old dialup modem can be removed. You may need the slot and it does use some memory for the driver.

3. Given the low ram and doubt if any driver updates are ever going to appear. Why not remove Intel Driver Update Utility and Intel's Energy Server items?

4. Same comment for YahooAUService

5. GPU suggestion. I would look at nothing older than say this one:
That's about 60 dollars.

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what do you mean by "same comment for YAhooAUService?
and for the HP model it is Pavilion p6240d

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Same as what I noted in item 3.
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Sorry cant understand fully of tech terms

So what it does mean ????What should I Do?

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I can't guess what you didn't understand.

Low RAM is 2GB. That means we have to look around for optional programs we can do without and uninstall them.

You've used Windows for 8 years so I will make assumptions you know how to uninstall programs.

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Start cheap

See all those crc errors that smart is showing for your hdd, that isn't good.

Reseat the sata data cable both ends.

If that number continues to climb replace the cable they are only a few bucks.

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CRC errors

What is CRC errors and do you have a link how to reseat sata data cable both ends ? im a newbie at this kind of topics

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Crc errors
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You might have to replace it..8year is old man for computer

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