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Can't run flash player with Windows Vista Home Premium. Adobe download site says its installed, is is not. I have tried everything re-downloading,nope, re-installing nope, disabling pop-up stopper, Norton Interent Security and Virus, nope, system restore no go even in safe mode. I'm out of ideas need help if you can, thanks.

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Same problem!

I too have that problem with Vista Home Premium and flash player.
I have done everything that Adobe suggest to do on their support website and still can't get it to install right.
I have done all the steps that you have and just can't get it to work. It says it downloaded OK, but it didn't.

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Adobe Flash Install fix
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adobe flash player

Hi need help with windows vista cant get my adobe flash player to work

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Flash player disappears after each re-boot

I am running Vista X64 on my pc and am having problems running Flash Player. Every day when I start up the player has either gone or is not recognised by the system.

I run the uninstaller and then install from the Adobe site ( and it all works ok - until tomorrow.

I tried the uninstall / install method suggested back in March in this forum, but no luck. It appears to install ok but is not there when wanted.

I have a laptop running Vista (32bit) and that works ok. I have checked the IE settings and they are the same on both pc's.

Is this yet anothet quirk with X64?

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"Vista X64" appears to be a world on it's own.

I'll write yes.

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It will not work with the VISTA ULTIMATE upgrade either???

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Help With Windows Visat

Please if you and the poster above don't know, please don't repeat the question. this is almost a dead threat apparently, Adobe needs to come up with a patch your idea and problem is the same as mine. If I didn't know I wouldn't be asking. We all don't nedd to repeat the same question IMHO.

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Much apreciated.

Thanks for your help. I only wanted it to be known that with the
ULTIMATE UPGRADE the problem also existed. This is somewhat different than the HOME you reported.

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windows vista bs

yes the same here this window svista just slows down alot of stuff i should have xp i need 2 down load the flash player 10 and no luck in this department

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Flash Player 10 Or Shockwave 10
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ok i made a mistake lol

yes you are right not flash player 10

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omg please help me

ok thanks so much grif for your help but it still didnt work with the instructions that you gave me it said error could not load dll library yada yada yada but anymore suggestions

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Tried The Same Procedure With UAC Disabled?

Also, make sure that you're performing the install as an admin user. (Log in as an admin user, then after downloading the flash standalone installer, RIGHT click on the installer file, choose "run as administrator".)

Hope this helps.


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This should help you
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Vista 64 & flash player 10

I have a Dell desktop XPS 420 & I followed these instructions, rebooted and still get the "download flash player to view" error message. I know someone suggested foxit when I could not get adobe reader working, any suggestions to either an alternative flash player or how to fix this?

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I had the same problem.

I had the same problem heres what I did, I went to adobe's website uninstalled the flash player and reninstaled it. I had to do it a couple of times but now it works great. Let me know if this works for you.

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Adobe Flash Player for Vista

I have tried at least 9 ways to install the Flash Player. It simply won't work with Vista or my HP Slimline computer. I am a resonably knowledgeable user of computers and I have found that despite the hype and the appearance of Vista it is the worst operating system to date and has actually slowed down most of the things I use a computer for. Clunky, crashy, and intrusive. Not much fun! I much prefer XP.

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Tried This??
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what worked for me

I had to go to the internet security center on my comp and add the web site to my list of trusted sites in order to get my adobe flash and shockwave players working. Unfortunately, I have to do this for each site I visit that is running adobe. Hope that helps.

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same player problem with Vista

Anyone find a workable solution yet? I've tried everything that's been mentioned up to now (Vista Home Premium with Flash Player ver. 9, 10, installing the helper file, running as Admin, etc. keep us informed, please. Happy

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And You've Tried This?

Remember, you can only have one version of Flash on the computer.. You can't have "Flash Player ver. 9, 10," as you've mentioned.. So...

Please try the steps below to uninstall, then reinstall the newest version of Flash Player:

Try using the newest Flash Player version.

First, uninstall Flash by using the Flash Uninstaller at the link below..

After that's done, then download the manual Flash player installer from the link below.. Download it to your desktop and Run it to install the newest Flash for Internet Explorer.

Once that's done, if you're also using Firefox, visit the site below while in Firefox, then download and run the Flash plugin installer

Hope this helps.


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info from another forum...

interesting info here:

The entry from jan8t further down that page with the Adobe link from the rep. yields partial success with the appearance of the Flash Player Installation Wizard, but further in to the install there is an "error 1721" message that has something to do with the Windows installer. If there was a workaround for that, it would probably install. Oh well, the search continues...

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the Adobe Flash Player/Vista conflict

A question and a comment regarding the ongoing Adobe Flash Player/Vista conflicts: (1.) I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and Flash Player worked instantly on the music web site that I had so much trouble accessing with Flash Player/I.E. 7 or 8. and (2.) I'm wondering if the 348mb download of Service Pack 2 for Vista has addressed the Flash Player conflict? I haven't downloaded it yet, but most likely will soon. Any new info appreciated. blu

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flash player

I had the very same problem. Be sure to do all checks that have been recommended and then download google chrome and use as your browser. flash player works perfect. I believe it works with firefox also.

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