Stands for Darik's Boot and Nuke. Burn it on a CD-R or DVD-R and label it for what it does - wipe out the hard drive. The first item is use autonuke. nce it gets going, you can remove the CD\DVD-R. At the end, it will ask for a floppy, enter & turn off. Now use your WINXP CD. There may be 8 mb there but the rest of your hard drive is wiped out, including spyware & viruses. AVG Free Antivirus -, they also have AVG Antispyware. has free Antispyware (Ad-Aware SE Personal r.1.06) & I have made 2 changes with it, red x for negligible items but low risk is green. Other is not for novices for i have my recycle not save anything, click properties and check box. This way, you hear noise and see critical items, right click and select all, type in quarantine and next. This will remove them all, right click quarantined items select all and delete. Go to properties on Recycle Bin and uncheck box. has Spybot S&D for all kinds of spyware. Check forum that has Virus and security, UPDATES. It will tell you when there are new updates for your Antispyware. Antivirus will always monitor your system and update automatically.