I've fielded this question before for other makes and we are always reading the HDTV's manual to glean what video encoding is supported. Since I can't find which TV this is I can't answer this exactly. So I'll share the usual and stop there.

1. Read the manual on the TV about what video encoding is supported. Encode the video as specified.
2. Can't do that? Try HANDBRAKE and convert it in each of the supplied defaults and see which one works. Use that from now on.
3. Call the TV maker's support and ask how.

You might have to learn a lot more to do this but you bring up a good point. Should the makers have supplied more than the old connect the camcorder to the TV solution? That is, are today's consumers expecting (some use the dreaded "entitled") the makers to supply this software for Apple iPad, Android, Windows XP to present and more?