Help with erratic download speeds Steam

I've been having a problem with Steam downloads they have been very erratic and dropping very low, it should be hanging around 600-700 KBS but it'll drop all the way down to below 100 KBS and back up again the download speeds are unstable, I have no other downloads running and I have Steam trusted through my firewall and Norton. This is a Steam specific issue all other downloads are fine and stay steady at 650-700, but Steam is highly erratic and I have no idea why. Would someone please help me? I've attached screenshots of it's download performance.

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Reporting: Help with erratic download speeds Steam
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I'm going with no.

Since Steam servers can be inundated at times it may not be something you can control. Since the download will eventually arrive, there is nothing to fix unless you feel Steam needs to get more internet pipes.

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Not the case

I respectfully disagree, it's like this all time time I've tried many times this is the first time I've sought to have it troubleshooted. And it's going to take a month to download something if it remains under 400 KBS most of the time.

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I think that's what I get on average.

Now that's about the right speed for most. I'm comparing prior discussions about folk that complain about Steam download speeds.

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I don't know

The download performance on Steam is poor, I don't have this problem with other services which stay at a steady 650-700 always. But on Steam it's always jumping up and down and crashing to 0 a lot.

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Next move.
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I did

I did post on the Steam forum and got no replies. I looked through a lot of those links and I don't see any straight or helpful answers.

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I had hoped you see why no replies to your post.

Here I take the time to try to help you understand it's unlikely it's your issue and why no one does much about it. Server and internet loads kick it around and Steam at certain times does get pummeled.

I take it you don't accept the priors and wish for it to be fixed. Remember only Steam can decide to deploy more servers or internet pipes.

-> In the meantime be sure you are not making things worse with firewalls, antivirus or a poor DNS choice.

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can't think of a title

I looked through all those links and didn't see anything that actually pertains to my specific issue. Of course I want it fixed. I don't know just nobody replied on Steam. I have it allowed through my firewall and Norton. It's only a Steam issue all other sites and services downloads work fine. It's always like this.

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Then you are likely stuck.

Now that you revealed Norton and firewall, did you test without those?

Remember I'm not going to repeat prior discussions. It's been done. If you didn't find the priors then you are not reading enough or thinking "oh, that's not me."

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It's called helping. I created this thread so I could get help with this specific issue, you just linked to a Google page which I looked through which contains a stew of different results not specific to my issue and found no helpful links which pertains to my issue.

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The thing is

You may be thinking it's your problem to fix. Here we can discuss why it happens and where the issue is. Some folk explode because they want it fixed. For that, and I see we touched on that, Steam has to tackle the server and or internet pipe issue.

I checked the links and searches I gave and find the priors so I left that for you to digest.

-> So did you try it without the Norton and firewall? That's about all you can do until you deal with Steam. It's only them so why do you think it's your PC?

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PS. Setting the download rate

Is in prior posts. I didn't duplicate that since it's not a for sure cure. Your ISP could be throttling as you max out and well, that's not your problem or Steams.

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Problem resolved

Another user helped me solve the problem, it's in a post below but I'm not going to repeat that prior, it's been done.

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download speeds depends on

download speed can be erratic depending on how busy the server is from other users, how busy the line is between you and them, if you have cable, it will depend on how many users in your neighborhood and how many using your home network.

Are you having problems downloading from other sites? If not then it is most likely steam and there will be nothing you can do.

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The problem is only with Steam

The issue is only with Steam, other sites and services work fine. It's a damn shame because I like steam and I wouldn't have access to most PC games without it as most developers don't publish non Steam versions of their games. I was hoping there was some way to troubleshoot.

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Remember all this has been done before.

It's just the initial download the cheeses folk it seems. Folk want their game "now" and there's little reason to plow more cash into servers and internet pipe when it's just during the initial big game download.

As I said, can cheese folk off until they are more seasoned.

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Yes I have a server picked locally. The download speeds are still choppy at night.

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So? Netflix.

Netflix can pummel traffic in certain areas. And these clogged pipes could affect only this and not other servers. I'm unsure if you figured this out yet. So many prior discussions and it's not you 99% of the time.

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Just a test

In step 2 of the link I gave is an item called 'dsl/cable > 2m'
I'll assume that means 2 MB so that's not you.
Play with that item....test.

If no help try a different server...test.

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Well I have good news to report I enabled "Download throttling" and the issue seems to be fixed now, I was downloading Dota 2 for a while and it didn't drop once stayed at a steady 650-700. So thanks I would have never seen that.

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Assuming this continues to work and it's not a fluke.

This sounds like you got the server and the data pipe in sync.

What speed internet service do you have?

What did you set the throttle to?

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I have AT&T. I just checked the box which reads "if this is checked, Steam will limit download speed to maintain a high-quality In-home streaming experience"

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