The "dummy buttons" you mentioned are also know as "shooting modes".

The Canon S3-IS also has very similar shooting modes.
Canon just calls them by different names:

Portrait, Landscape, Night scene, Sports, Special Scene*, Stitch Assist, Movie
* Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Color Swap, Color Accent, Night Snapshot, Indoor

The "indoor" shooting mode on the Canon will be about the same as the "museum" setting on the Kodak.


Just remember when you are shooting indoors or in a museum, the camera will be selecting a slow shutter speed. This is necessary to gather enough light to provide a perfect exposure.

So you should do things to provide a steady situation for the camera. Here are a few suggestions:

If a tripod is not allowed, try setting the camera on a solid surface when taking the photo.

If hand holding the camera, use the viewfinder and hold the camera snuggly to your head, instead of using the LCD to compose your shot. Your head is steadier than two outstretched arms.

When hand holding the camera, lean against a door frame, wall, post or other solid object.


Either camera will serve you well.
Just remember to not just snap a shot.....but frame your subject carefully before pressing the shutter button.

A tip.....many time you want shots of friends, relatives, etc in you photos. Take those shots for your scrapbook.....then let those people move aside and then take a shot or two for yourself and the art of photography.
Remember....the people at work don't want to see Uncle Bob standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, they want to see the Eiffel Tower.