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Help! Windows Vista just won't install updates


Help! Windows Vista just won't install updates

I recently purchased a used laptop with Windows Vista. Over the last
several months, I've gotten updates from Windows. The problem is installing
the updates. When I try to install, the updates fail. I have tried
several things, including following stuff on Microsoft's Web site. They
talk a lot about it being a malware problem or other security problem,
but trying all kinds of malware removers, including Malware-bytes and
even Windows Defender has not fixed the problem. Typically I have
about 19-20 updates that will not install. I tried selecting them
individually but it does not work. And every once in a while an update
will install but I don't know why. I am very frustrated and concerned
about security! I run several free security software programs: Avast,
Threatfire, Ad-Aware, Super Anti-Spyware, IObit Security 360, and
Glary Utilities with Online Armor Firewall. Am I running too many
security programs? Could that be the problem? Can someone please help
me? Thank you for your consideration. A solution that will work will
be greatly appreciated!! A former XP User, too poor to buy Windows 7.

--Submitted by: Neal C.

Vista Repair --Submitted by: Boogaloo

Too Much of a Good Thing --Submitted by: Flatworm

Trouble Downloading Updates --Submitted by: rush075

If you get a used system, you may need a fresh start!--Submitted by: dglenn-computer-graphics

My Problem Also - Required A New Vista Disk --Submitted by: Basuto9

Dear Neal C.... --Submitted by: JCitizen

Thanks to all who contributed!

If you have any additional suggestion or tips that can help Neal out, click on the reply link and submit away. Please be as detailed as possible when providing a solution. Thanks!
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Downloads 2ed try

AHA i GOT IN. I found that AVG's paying plant worked the best, plus I ran quick restore on my computer, after emptying cache, history, cookies, and the lot of other temporary items. Things work better when your machine has been streamlined. Then, between downloading and opening your information turn your machine off completely and turn it back on again. Quite often that will jump start a program to run on its' own, and if it doesn't, you can just go to "Computer" in the hierarchy of your machine, then to Downloads, which could either be in "C" or your machine's name, or even under YOUR name. Then go find the things you just downloaded. the easiest way is to find them by date. Click on them to open and install, agree to the box that asks you if you'll let it make changes on your machine, and you should get it going then. When you are done, it will ask you to do another restart, but you can actually finish several downloads before you do the restart. The key is to clean up your computer FIRST.

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Help! Windows Vista

I would remove the many anti programs and install Windows Security Essentials. Obviously cleaning out the unnecessary files will be helpful. Running defrag is advised considering that your computer is not new but used.

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Re: Vista updates

One simple answer get rid of Vista it has so many known problems they are not worth solving,once get rid of 1 problem you will get 2 more.

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Win7 had been no better...

for my clients lately, especially on brand new OEM desktops. SP1 hosed one of them so bad, it had to be returned to the store, and the second one had to be worked on by Redmond to fix these update issues. I've got probably at least five clients all suffering with Windows 7 update issues right now. None of them is fully solved as of yet.

These are all 64bit PCs with at least 6Gbs of RAM, and a dual quad core processor. So hardware capability is not the issue.

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My desparate time with Vista

It is nice to be able to get rid of an OS that is DOA but sometimes life support is possible.
I went through this with VISTA at a time that I did not want to deal with computer problems let alone spend money and time installing from scratch.

Vista was not (vastly understating this) a great OS and by the time I realized I had a problem I was dealing with the BSD. I found persistence paid off. It said it wasn't downloading but in reality it was (in small portions). It took me three days of repeatedly downloading when the OS finally stabilized and would confirm that it updated itself. It is possible.

I still have that laptop. The keyboard was destroyed by someones idea of scented oil. The screen is barely visible (same oil) but the OS is still stable after three or more years

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Must use Vista on Dell Inspiron

We uninstalled Windows Vista on my Dell Inspiron 1720 at the suggestion of Microsoft and then installed Windows 7. The laptop would NOT work, so called Dell, who told us that our laptop would ONLY run with Vista, so we reinstalled it. That was 2 years ago, and the Dell machine finally just QUIT (I'd gotten a Blue Screen almost every day, sometimes several times a day). Dell finally agreed it was a motherboard issue but would not replace it free, stating the laptop was out of warranty, even though Dell had documented our MANY calls from the month we purchased the laptop. Needless to say, Dell has lost THIS family business as customers. When our five Dell computers are due to be replaced, we will be buying Apples!

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That is BS

Dell is full of it. I upgraded my Friends Grandson's Notebook from Vista to Win7 using the setting that kept most of the files. Some are not able to transfer and have to be reinstalled. The Notebook has performed flawlessly for a year now.

I also updated all my Vista Notebooks and Desktop the same way. Used Clean install on only one Computer an Acer Desktop. The same situation occured with trying to install Windows updates. The solution i found is very simple to fix.

Open your Control Panel and Open the User Account Settings, Select that you want to Change user account settings. Pull the slider all the way down close all windows. You will likely get a prompt to restart before the setting takes effect. Do so. install all programs that you were having difficulty with and then again Open your UAC and return the slider to the middle setting. Same restart will be required and your updates should now be listed in Programs and Settings. The same thing applies to when you are trying to apply or install updates for other browsers, Chrome and Firefox in particular.

I also suggest that you install the latest version of Firefox 4 and select add ons and install Bit Defender. You will have a tiny Red dot in the Tab that let's you run it at will. I will scan very fast for Malware and Viruses and can be used in conjunction with any other scanners that you have.

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This is true.

I've found a few machines that will not run Windows 7 at all. Either it's a BIOS issue, driver or other. It can happen.

As to the Apple comment, there are some that are upset about the change from PowerPC chips to Intel or even from the mighty Motorola 68K line.

Anyone that thinks changing horses will solve this issue will only find themselves with more saddle sores.

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Simple answer

Nuke and repave with a different operating system is Not a simple answer. First of all it shows very poor trouble shooting skills and second, your comment on Vista is totally unsupported. And to offer proof, I am currently on a Vista machine that is working perfect on a Lenovo ThinkPad.

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That is balogne.
There is nothing wrong with Windows Vista, it had its problems when it was first released, those have been ironed out a long time ago,
Vista is now a robust and fast operating system, I have been using Vista Home Premium every day on my computer for the last three years and I have had no problem with it whatsoever, it is reliable, it doesnt crash it doesn't freeze up.
I have used every Windows OS since windows 3.1 and I know for a fact there has never been a Windows OS prior to Windows Vista that was as reliable, and robust as Vista, I dont reboot my computer for weeks at a time, sometimes months and if it wasnt for updates requireing reboots, it would probably be even longer.
None of the prior Windows releases could stand that kind of treatment.
Also after 3 years there is no noticable slow down in my computers performance, I have never known anything like that with any previous version of Windows.

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Help! Windows Vista just won't install updates

Hasta la Vista, baby! My best advice is to save up for W7 and dump Vista as soon as possible. Some of the 'successful' solutions on the boards were SO complicated and still more miss than hit. Vista wouldn't download updates for me, wouldn't let my printer use its full range of features and wouldn't respond even when I asked it nicely. No operating system worth its salt should be that problematic to operate. Now I've got W7 and all is peaceful and working once again! Sorry, but unless you have endless patience and ultimate know-how you just need to cut your losses.

Phil W

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Windows Vista Problems

Someone else said it, and I will agree with them... get rid of Vista!
My advice ... either jump forward, and install Windows 7, or jump backwards and install Windows XP.

You will do better with either one of these operating systems, than you would with Vista.

By the way, Windows 7 Home Premium can be had for $89-$90 now.

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About Windows Vista-

I have got 3 Netbooks,2 with Windows 7, and the other a Windows XP Netbook, that I bought in a store a week ago. I have not had any problems with Windows 7 on my Netbooks and one of them is running Windows 7 Professionall. Which I upgraded from Windows 7 Starter. The Windows XP netbook I bought a week ago was the very last they had in the shop. In England they are no longer making Windows XP and Windows 7 laptops,now,only Windows 7. So I was very lucky to find a Windows XP netbook,brand new, and it has Windows XP Home Edition. And is an Acer Aspire One. And I must say I do find the Windows XP to be a bit faster to boot and shut down than Windows 7. And also XP is faster compared to Windows 7,although both are good choices.

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My Problem Also - Required A New Vista Disk

I had that exact same problem last year - my HP Pavilion running Vista suddenly stopped accepting Windows updates. I was fortunate enough to have Microsoft Tech Support get interested and to work with me on the problem (at no charge). What was eventually decided - my Vista had, for whatever reason, become corrupted. Various attempts to fix it, per Microsoft Support, were unsuccessful, so their final decision was to send me a brand-new Vista disk (again at no charge - this is NOT something they usually do, however). Following their instructions, I re-loaded my Vista and have been problem-free since Oct., 2010. If Neal's problem is a corrupted Vista, he just may need to come up with a new disk. As I said, all the various suggestions by the pros at MS such as making "System File" checks looking for corrupted files, running "Chkdsk", working in the Register, etc. did not help. If Neal can come up with a Vista DVD, I would be happy to list the steps required for the reload, as given to me by MS. This way none of the existing programs or files are lost or damaged. The re-load WILL require a Vista serial number from the computer, however (which I had, fortunately).

P.S. Yes, I ran all the malware/virus checks, but there was nothing there. The bad guys had nothing to do with it, it seemed. And yes, I know about recovery disks. What I DON'T know is whatever happened to them - however, I am definitely taking care of my new Vista DVD.

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I had to reload Vista x64 at least four times before it started working right! Now it works better than my friends Win7 PCs! And theirs are brand new!!!

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Just got off the phone with another client...

that had the same thing on a Win7 factory installation. He and I just couldn't believe that Microsoft is sending a new disk! But it happened!! I will post back to report the results when it gets here. Happy

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listing of steps to reload Vista and reformat C:

Hi Basuto9. I would greatly appreciate the listing of steps you offered required to reinstall Vista from the factory disks.
I would also like to do a full reformat of C: just to ward off the demons.
--Dell Studio XPS1640,64bitVista Ultimate,SP2,4G RAM, P8600,2.4Ghz/2.4Ghz
--I also have an HP Pavillion a6342p 32bit VistaHomePremium, 3Gb RAM at 2.0GHz that I cant even get SP1 installed on. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I have both original disk sets included drivers.
Thanks, josing1

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Vista x64 IE9 Update Fail - Steps to re-load VISTA from MS?

All of my automatic updates happen successfully with the exception of ONE...

I've had repeated daily failures (since early April) of the installation of Cumulative Security Update for IE9 for Vista x64 Systems (KB2675157). When looking at error details, the MS advice gives an error code of 8007371C which, if you look in the 'get help with this error,' isn't even in the list! Exasperating to say the least (my history with Vista in a nutshell!).

Perhaps my VISTA is corrupt, also? Is this possible even if everything else installs? That said... I would be interested in having the steps you were given for re-loading your VISTA, @Basuto9. Until I have the time and the mental energy to devote to upgrading to Win7 (sitting on my shelf), this seems like a possible (least-disruptive) interim solution for me, as well. AND... hopefully, locating my VISTA Home Premium 64 DVD will come easily!


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Did you check prior discussions?
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vista x64 update KB2691442

Were you ever able to resolve your problem and if so what was the solution? I have exactly the same problem. Thanks!

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This old discussion

Is from a newsletter and it's rare to find direct help in posting a new question buried here.

Try the ideas at the first post and if that didn't help, create a new discussion.

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Trouble Downloading Updates

Trouble Downloading Windows Updates

I have found that some of the programs you have installed and start up when you turn on your system prevent Windows Update from installing Updates.

Start by updating your Antivirus program Virus and Spyware Definitions. If you have more than one Antivirus program, uninstall one. More than will conflict with each other.

1. Do a complete Scan for and remove Viruses if any.

2. Remove all Programs but Antivirus Protection program and Internet Service Provider that start up when you turn on your system. These programs will be located in the Task Bar.

3. To do this, Enter MSCONFIG in the RUN box, Hold down the Windows Key and press R, Click OK. At the top of the dialog box Click on Startup, when open, remove a check from all programs. Re-Start.

4. Then visit Microsoft Updates, and check for Updates.

5. When complete, go back to the Start up Dialog Box and place a check alongside all programs you wish to start up when you turn on your system.

Good luck,

Note: This post was edited by its original author to update post and remove the second one. on 05/20/2011 at 12:10 PM PT

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Trouble Downloading Updates

I had the same problem in March on my son's HP Pavilion desktop running XP Home edition. The following is the fix I received from Microsoft Professional Support:

1. Download the file from the following link and save it on the Desktop. 2. Double click to unzip the file. 3. Double click TDSSKiller.exe to scan the system. 4. Wait for the scan and disinfection process to complete.

This fix worked great for me.

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Good post...

The best one yet, so far! I've found recently with Vista and Win7 that hotfixes are getting in the way of updating to either SP1, or SP2 for Vista, or .NET major updates. I've come to the conclusion, that doing a restore back to pre SP1 or 2(Vista) and reloading all updates fixes the issue because Redmond released the fixes AFTER the service packs. Neither of them seems to be able to deal with the hotfixes accumulated since then. Your idea of doing the clean boot is a requirement too, just to rule it out as a source of the problem.

If one does not see a date in the restore console for the service pack install; then I've had better luck simply reloading the operating system to a fresh install. Your mileage may vary - Microsoft is obligated to help with the update process, for free, so it is always advisable to consult with them first; you might not have to loose any data this way. Definitely back everything up, especially since a reload wipes your drive completely.

Most of the big tech forums are blaming the latest .NET updates for most of our problems now. My built in updater seemed incapable of knowing I needed a newer version of .NET!! I was advised by Secunia PSI to upgrade to the next version, and that solved almost ALL my problems!! So much for Microsoft Updates! Angry

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(NT) Vista problem, Easy Fix - Nuke Vista
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Some corporations use an intranet for updates...

When you mentioned you'd just bought a Vista machine I thought about how many companies are switching to 7 now and selling the older models. If your computer came from that type of environment it's possible they've setup Windows Update to use an internal server. Happily, there's a quick fix.

I've never owned a Vista computer, so I may be off in my directions, but here's my best shot: If you have "Run..." on your Start Menu, click that, or if not, right-clk on on the Task Bar and choose the Start Task Manager, then "File," and then "New Task (Run)." When that opens type {gpedit.msc} without the brackets. Navigate to "Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Windows Update" and then look for the 'Specify intranet Microsoft Update service location.' Make sure that isn't enabled, and if so, double click and set it to "Not Configured" and hit "OK" as well as everything else enabled there.

You might need to restart, but you should be able to install all your updates now.

If this was truly the problem with your computer, the updates you were seeing installing were certain Windows programs or services that always go online to check for their updates, or if you tried the "check internet anyway" in small print without noticing. Good luck.

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Install updates with Vista

Microsoft maintains a little known site called PC Safety which has helped me many times with problems updating Windows XP and Windows 7. I'm certain Vista is also covered.
# 1-866-PCSafety(1-866-727-23389) Yes the phone number contains an extra digit but I assure you that it functions.

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Updates to Vista

I fouind a a very simple solution. Not all these updates are for Vista, some are more advanced and are for Win7 or 64 bit. Take a close look at what you are updating and what failed and you may see a connection. You cant update programs you dont have.

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Cross version updates...

Vista and Windows 7 are not truly different platforms. They both use the same code, so some of the hotfixes may be for both operating systems. If you have a x64 operating system it would not be unusual to see 32 bit updates, but 64 bit updates on a 32 bit platform would definitely be a mistake!

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If you get a used system, you may need a fresh start!

When I bought floor models from the computer store. I almost always have the OS reinstalled by the store or by myself.

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