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Help, USB connections is not always being detect by PC


Help, USB connections is not always being detect by PC

Hi CNET. I've noticed that some of my USB devices like flash
drive, printer, even digital camera plugged as mass storage
isn't readily detected by the USB ports on my laptop. At
times I still have to plug and unplug on different ports
before the computer finally detects the device. However, I
have this one particular flash drive that can only be
detected by my laptop on a particular port and does not work
on the other 2 ports. Why is this so? Any ideas on how I can
solve this mystery? In case it matters I have a Compaq CQ40
running Vista Home Basic. Thanks!

--Submitted by Tony M. from the Philippines

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Update to Help, USB connections not always detected. --Submitted by SinbadSailor

USB port issue --Submitted by Kaywill

Keep USB Connections, clean and solid. Replace when worn. --Submitted by SinbadSailor

USB flaky --Submitted by Bob McIntosh

USB Not Detected. --Submitted by hareendran

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USB Undetedted

I've had that problem a couple of times on different computers and always had to reinstall the operating system.

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USB Ports Not Detected

Dear Tony M ,

I once suffered from the problem of the USB ports being not detected by my PC.What I did follows:
Right click on 'My Computer', click 'Manage', click 'Device Manager', click 'USB' ports, right click each port to uninstall. After uninstalling all USB ports, shut down PC. At next start you can find all 'USB' ports reinstalled and working perfectly. (MY operating system is 'Windows XP'


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USB Ports Not Detected

I do the same thing as AJ does, except I don't have to restart.I just right click any of the entries on Device Manager and click on "Scan for Hardware Changes". My operating system is Vista 64.

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USB Ports Not Detected

Thanks for your guidance to restore USB port in my PC. I followed your instructions and I succeeded. MY immense thanks for your initiative for the benefit of IT people concerened.

Subbarayadu Angisetty
Advisor (First Computers) Chennai and Bangalore (India)
October 2nd 2009

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Keep USB Connections, clean and solid. Replace when worn.

With USB powering so many devices, these ports get a lot of usage. Some front USB ports come with covers, which many people actually leave open because they are used so frequently. Thumb drives get left laying on desks, without the caps on and so on. Digital camera cords pick up dust then get transferred when plugged into the USB port. You can clean around the USB connector to remove dust and particles, simply by using compressed air or blowing inside of it. You can also wipe the plastic case area near the USB port every so often with an anti-static wipe which helps to repel dust.
A great little device is the "USB Port Mini Vacuum Cleaner" sold on-line and it does work. Only a few bucks.
Here's some suggestions from an on-line site:
? The best way to clean any computer component or device is to follow the manufacturer's instructions in your user manual.
? Always power off the system first
? Never spray cleaning fluids directly onto computer components. Always spray the cleaner onto a cloth then wipe
? Do not allow any cleaner to run or drip near circuit boards, or near seams on device casings.
? Never allow circuits or electronics to become damp or wet.
? Cleaning electronics and circuit boards requires experience, knowledge and special electronics cleaners. This type of cleaning is best left to professionals so be careful.
I have several laptops and desk systems. All have multiple USB devices. When they don't work well, as will happen from time to time and assuming you have kept them clean as noted above, shut it all down. Disconnect. Straighten out the cords and check for kinks. CAREFULLY re-assemble, and don't leave the cords hanging down where you run into them when you get up to get a beer or the dog comes in and wants to play (that has happened more than once to me).
Years ago, with experience with really big old systems. The first rule was always to shut down, clean the connections (and the boards in those days), put it all back together, turn back on and reprogram. It usually worked and we never knew which connection was the culprit.
Good Luck.
Oh, yes, and don't forget, don't buy the cheapest stuff --you still get what you pay for!!
(My wife always has this problem. I go in and clean and reset everything and it always works and I just tell her "It's Magic".)

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Home wireless network connection getting intermittent connec

In my opinion, only one of the posted answers hinted at likely problem assuming that set up worked originally and Cory's hardware and software configuration did not change. I've experienced much the same problem when setting up wireless network for an apartment house full of students, many of who had their own wireless routers. That problem.. interference from other routers or other 2.4 GHz sources (if you're using the 2.4 GHz band.) Most likely Easy fix, switch to a 5 Ghz "N" router. Another is to make sure you don't have a channel conflict. There are roughly half dozen 2.4 Ghz channels.

Keep in mind that some routers knock down their maximum power when they find a conflicting signal on their channel. So someone else switches on their router and immediately yours does not work.

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TO "WindsurferLA" RE: Home wireless network connection

Well, I thought he was descibing intermittent physical connection problems. We always check our Wireless Network Connection for both Signal Strength and Speed just to monitor conditions. We know what the "usual" parameters are so if we see slowing or weakness, we know we have to look for interference or, at the least, shut down the router, wait 15 seconds (some wait a minute) and then fire it up again. BUT if strength and speed are within parameters and there still are problems, it's most likely simple commection protocols that should be able to be corrected easily. If some still don't work, buy some new cables or shut down, have a beer and check back later.
Also, please remember what I said before about cost. Everybody is buying cheap these days and sometimes problems are your own doing!

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USB might not have enough power

My PC AND Laptop don't always recognize my Kindle (Amazon book reader). I found it was a power problem. If the USB is connected to the USB port on the back of my PC, it works. On my laptop, I have to connect it to the USB port on the left side (the 2 on the right don't work). It might help to make sure laptop and connection device (camera, phone, etc) are fully charged before connecting.

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It might be a power problem

I have to agree with your answer.
Not all the USB sockets provide the same amount of current.
They all offer the 5V voltage but they have internally a current limiter in order to avoid the short circuits and the overloading of the internal ICs and transistors.
Many power consuming USB devices (such as 2.5" external hard drives) come with 2 USB cables. The main one for power and communication and a secondary one for supplying more power to the device from a second USB port.
Some laptops/desktops have different configurations on the USB ports. Some USB ports supply power even when the laptop/desktop if powered off.
Finally, some laptops/desktops have settings on the CMOS setup to limit or scale the current of their USB ports.

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Help, USB connections is not always being detect by PC

I had almost similar problem with my laptop.My PC couldn't recognize new hardware.I decided then simply update all my drivers. You can access device manager then go to Universal Serial Bus controllers.One of those drivers might be outdated.I updated all drivers and restarted my laptop. I had no problems at all after that.

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Update to Help, USB connections not always detected.

Here's a good article from tech republic on steps to correct USB problems with differing conditions. Go there and read the suggestions. Here is the site:

You may have to update your drivers and use your device manager function to erase what you have and then update to everything current. But be certain you read it all and do know what you're doing!
If you're not sure about what version of drivers you have, guess who offers a fine free program to help you with your drivers? Why, CNET does and it's called "CNET TechTracker" and you can go to their site and download it for free. It will check your system and tell you what drivers need to be updated and if you can get them for free or must pay something. What could be easier?

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CNET Tech Tracker waste of time

Having read the recommendation cited and seeking out Tech Tracker, I read the reviews (2) one of which said it was a five-star great and the other, a one star waste, I find I must side with the one-star... and for the same reasons he cited: it doesn't work, at all. After several minutes of scanning it revealed on the system tray icon pop-up, a dozen or so programs that needed to be updated; yet when selecting anyone of them it always takes me to the internet-based scanner website that shows no program titles listed and says that none were tracked. Needless to say, though I have not wasted more time finding the download site and writing a review of the goods, I have surely deleted it from my system. As they say, "Thanks but no thanks". And in the immortal words of I.Forget Whom, "Cherish those things you get for free; they're worth every penny you paid for them".

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my experience with tech tracker

i found that in the situation you described i had to go back to the icon and sign in again and then saw the various updates supposedly needed,,,,
but the reason i stopped using tech tracker was that it was not accurate for what was installed( i had the latest updates ) and even the listings for what was current were not right all the time.

it was frustrating to download and install an update only to find tech tracker was unable to see the correct installations.
it had the potential to be a useful tool. Just another example of techie gizmos that don't work at the consumer level

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It is a waste of time for sure;

I downloaded this program CNET TechTracker, and all it gave Me for updtaes were pro programs that was no what I was looking for. Don,t waste your time with it. I like cnet, they do have some good things but CNET TechTracker is not one of them.

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naff tracker

I agree wholeheartedly with those who have awarded it one star and am relieved to know that it is not just me that has problems with it. I have used it twice and on the occasions when I have actually downloaded updates (as opposed to ignoring programmes originally downloaded for free that now have a large price tag attached to their updates) there have been compatability issues that have required bringing in the repair man to fix the entire computer. I have now uninstalled Tracker whilst cursing myself for not following my favourite precept of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

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CNET Tech Tracker

Hahaha! YES!! I installed it. The next day took it off my system. What a piece of junk. Great saying, the one about "Free things are worth every penny you pay for them". Yes, I had to laugh when I read your post, TimEd, just about my experience too. A real WASTE of time. I clicked on it to run a checkup and it couldn't even seem to do that correctly. I will leave such a wonderful program for others to use. Happy

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Help, USB connections is not always being detect by PC REPLY

buddy this is a fault of hardware and it can be solved just go threw the service center of Ur laptop may be it required to change Ur mother board but first check Ur Hardware's drivers of Ur laptop in device manager. try to update USB drivers.........If the prob is not solve then took my first suggestion.

Sorry For my Bad English

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HELP: USP not recognized

Just got a new Envy 133 and works great with the Vista; but, when i want to use the ISO Voodoo it doesn't recognize the USP that connects me to the local ISP. Incidentally, I am using Speedtouch 330 and had to install a new driver to use Vista. Any help will be appreciated.

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HELP: USB not recognizezed always

Dear All:

Thanks for all the responses. The problem is: the USB works fine with Windows Vista but when I try to use Voodoo Operating system, it doesnt recognize the modem USB as plugged; hence I can't connect to the internet. I am using DSL from a local ISP

Thanks once again

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Usb not recongnized

This is almost always a driver issue, software like driver detective can fix you right up. I like to use a hi-speed usb card myself. Also dont forget the old legacy issues.

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Motherboard may be the issue...

I am not sure if this will help you but thought I would tell you about my experience with the same problem as you are having. My laptop was also not recognizing my flash drives etc...fortunately my laptop was still under warranty so I took it into Best Buy (an electronics store) here in California. They sent it out to be repaired and when it came back they told me that the motherboard had to be replaced to have them work. They work perfectly now but it would have been an exensive thing to do had it not been under warranty. Hope you don't have to resort to that! Good luck!!

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USB 2.0

I found the hard way that my WD Passport Essential external hard drive is recognized by my Lenovo laptop only through the USB 2.0 port. Also, using the right cable is always a part to the solution.

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If you have two or three USB ports only one will be active.

once you employ the active one the other will become useful.
works that way on my laptop.

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USB Connections

Try pressing the Shift Key on the keyboard while inserting ur USB device. Release it only when the Icon appears on the bottom left of ur screen (the notification area).

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I tried your shift key tip.....

....but that only bought up the Safely Remove Hardware Icon in the Systems Tray near the clock which appears without pressing the shift key . When I insert my Camera cable into the USB port, (any port on my tower) the AutoPlay fails to appear so I can choose what I want to do with the pics on the camera - Have you a tip to get that back I wonder.

Here is the link;tracked-disc where I asked for help re the AutoPlay issue, Bob was very helpful for which I thank him, but my problem is still evident.
"There is no do this to fix this short of treating the OS like a fresh install. That is to boot safe mode to uninstall the USB devices then install the motherboard drivers and see if Windows kicks in the autoplay again. There are long discussions about registry edits of the autoplay entries but autofix usually does that for us.
Good hunting,

As I have a Laptop with sharing capabilities on my Network and the AutoPlay works on it, I did not try Bob's suggestion in bold as the system is going so well other than the AutoPlay glitch it is not worth it at this stage.

kind regards,

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USB flaky

I have had this problem several times. If you are powering several devices with usb at the same time it is much better to have a separate power supply for each device.
This is so you don't load the laptop PS down. In addition a flaky Power supply on the lap top can also do this.
As always load the driver for the device before you allow the computer to see the device. If this procedure is reversed very very flaky things will occur.

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USB Not Detected.

Dear All,

I once suffered from the problem of the USB ports being not detected by my PC.What I did follows:
Right click on 'My Computer', click 'Manage', click 'Device Manager', click 'USB' ports, right click each port to uninstall. After uninstalling all USB ports, shut down PC. At next start you can find all 'USB' ports reinstalled and working perfectly. (MY operating system is 'Windows XP'


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I like this post, but more questions please
"Dear All,

I once suffered from the problem of the USB ports being not detected by my PC.What I did follows:
Right click on 'My Computer', click 'Manage', click 'Device Manager', click 'USB' ports, right click each port to uninstall. After uninstalling all USB ports, shut down PC. At next start you can find all 'USB' ports reinstalled and working perfectly. (MY operating system is 'Windows XP'


I followed your post above with interest - I have three root hubs in Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers, so what you are suggesting is to right click on each in turn then click on Uninstall > Reboot. Is that correct?

Appreciate your feedback
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USB Port Not Detected

My suggestion will work on a PC with Windows XP operating system. Right click on each port and uninstall. All ports should be uninstalled. Then reboot. It will be ok.

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