Having owned the Samsung SyncMaster T240 for almost a year now, I'd have to say, I'm not necessarily as sold on it as I originally thought I was. I mean, for a while, I thought it was great, up until I noticed that it really didn't "pop" in terms of PQ for night time viewing, now that I'm home nights more than I used to be.

I decided to hand my T240 to other family members as a Christmas gift, and traded that in for the Dell 2408WFP. I can see that the UltraSharp is Editor's Choice for a reason. It REALLY pops. I use it not only for a PC/Gaming monitor, but as a bedroom HDTV as well, when hooked up to a digital cable STB. I'd definitely recommend the Dell over the Samsung. Don't let that T240 fool you, it does NOT use S-PVA technology in their panel. The UltraSharp DOES use S-PVA, and the PQ of the monitor proves it, and it's a far better panel tech than your ho-hum TN panel. It costs more, but it's far more worth it. It would be a "holy grail" if it had LED backlighting, but even with WCG-CCFL in the UltraSharp, it still has deep black levels and brighter, more crisp picture. Oh, and even tho Dell does have a monitor with LED backlighting, called the "Green" LCD Series, it doesn't have the same panel technology nor features of the UltraSharp 2408WFP. I hope that Dell's next UltraSharp generation uses LED backlighting, but that's doubtful.