Hi Shalin,

I wouldn't export anything from any kind of Office Product to the web unless you are just using IE to do it. It works in the little MS world, but not always, I opened up your source and unless you are used to doing webpages a bit, you may not recognize much of the code inside.

You're using a bunch of styles, which is not a big deal but since you are new, I'd start with good old vi or notepad, hehe, kidding.

I noticed you are, well your MS Publisher is using VML, Vector Markup Language. To be honest, if you are just starting with HTML, go get Dreamweaver's 30 day free trial and try that out, it is one of the better onces.

If you are looking for other free HTML WYSIWYG editors, just check out www.download.com here at cNet and do a search for them, there are plenty.

If you are serious about HTML, and everything that is growing on top including AJAX, CSS and such, start with notepad, learn your tags and you'll quickly move up from there.

As for Firefox not liking your page, well unless it is straight HTML with some javascript, a page will rarely look the same across browsers. good luck