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I'm hoping someone can help me so I decided to post my situation and pray for some help. here we go. In my previous residence I had comcast internet hooked up with a comcast provided cable modem ethernet based, a d-link di-514 router and and a d-link wireless adapter(can't recall teh model number could be dwl 122 or somethign like that) connected to teh 2nd computer both running xp both with Nics. Hooked it up and had it running in about 10 minutes. Since i've moved. I still have comcast, same networkign equipment but one xp machine and my girlfriend's w98 machine. Also her cable modem provided by comcast is connected to her w98 computer via USB(i know those three dirty letters)I had to put a nic in her computer and still nothing. The xp machine says I have an excellent connection, but I can't connect to the internet. I'm wonderng if the problem is the usb connected modem, or the w98 based machine, since my xp box worked fine with my other xp box at the old house and the other modem was connected by ethernet. The w98 pc has no problem connecting to the internet through the router, but i can't get connected on the other machine. Help!!!!!!

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Re:Help Please

Clarify the physical layout of your network.

Modem (usb or ethernet) to router to computers (nic and wireless)?

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Re:Re:Help Please

here's how everything is connected now. the cable modem is connected to the router through the Wan port with ethernet cable, router to the w98 computer nic with ethernet cable. The router is a d-link wireless router. The second computer Windows xp, has a d-link wireless usb adapter. The win 98 computer connects to the internet fine with the router, the 2nd computer won't connect although in the system tray it says it's connected to the network. I've power cycled the modem a few times but haven't done the router yet which someone suggested in another forum, I'll be trying that next. My next step will be to disconnect the usb cable that's running from the cable modem to the computer. I did that before but didn't power cycle the modem which may have been the problem. I'm running out of things to try. I know it's not faulty equipment because it all worked at my prior residence. Thanks for any input you may have. I'm a pretty savvy computer user but a bit of a novice with networking

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Re:Re:Re:Help Please

"the cable modem is connected to the router through the Wan port with ethernet cable"

Here you indicate an ethernet connection.

"My next step will be to disconnect the usb cable that's running from the cable modem to the computer."

Here you say the modem connects to the computer via USB.

A little confusion on my part, but the first scenario is correct. I would open Network Properties for the wireless USB adaptor on the XP machine and see what the IP address is. My guess it is not in the range. In which case the router has not assigned a valid address. Try the repair button.

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Re:Re:Re:Re:Help Please

I think your confusion to my posting answered what may be my problem. From your confusion I take it to mean there shouldn't be both an ethernet connection and a USB connection which is how it's hooked up now and probably the problem. I check the properties on the 2nd computers adapter and that's fine. It's looking to me liek the wireless adapter and the router are talking, but the router and the cable modem aren't, which is probably because the usb cable and the ethernet cable are both connected. I'll try removing the usb cable and power cycling the modem and router and see what happens. Thanks for your input Michael, I'll keep you posted on what happens when I get home today.

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