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HELP! new pc builder

hi, i am a new PC builder, and i would like to get an experts opinion on my blueprint of my pc build. i'm hoping to get it below $1100. open to suggestions. cooling fans are not included, not water cooled. Mainly to play BF1, COH2 and Overwatch
1. I5 6600k for CPU (6M) --> $237
2. Fractal design R5 for case --> $79
3. GTX 1060 for graphics card --> $250
4. corsair RM 550 for power --> $90
5. Toshiba DT01ALA300 (3TB) for storage --> about $100
6. MSI H170 Gaming M3 for motherboard --> $130.27
7. balistix sport LT (8GB x2) --> $86.99
But, i am not sure wether the cpu can fit the motherboard, and the type of fan to use to cool the cpu( you know the 1 that sticks on it)
total is $973

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As to the CPU and board.

Check the maker's site and most have a supported CPU list. I leave this to you since you must learn this.

Overall a nice build but for me I'd chuck the HDD for SSD since for 100 I've picked up 500GB SSDs for that much. This difference is amazing.

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hey thanks for helping!

so i should take a 256gb ssd and a cheaper hhd together?

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My choice is no.

I've found I can live on 480+ for my workhorse PC. Why would I pop in old school HDD now?

The only folk I see installing TB+ drives are collectors. They tend to torrent movies and there goes the ball game. You can't help them since their house can never hold all those.

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but isn't it too small

isn't 500gb too small for storage, like titan fall 2 takes 45 gb and bf1 takes 43 gb. in my opinion..

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Your choice.

Here I ran that with Visual Studio, some Steam Games and more with just 480GB. The office set me up with a newer laptop and it has the 500GB Samsung M2 installed.

It's a shame to read that you have a chance to move it up a notch.

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do you have any suggestions?

do you have any recommendations that are cheap?

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I do.

You wrote "Toshiba DT01ALA300 (3TB) for storage --> about $100" and the 480GB SSD is hovering at that price here so that's cheap and a huge step up in overall performance.

I take it you have not changed a machine to SSD yet so that's why you had more questions.

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ok so what do you think about an sshd?

Seagate 1TB Desktop SSHD(Solid State Hybrid Drive) SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive (ST1000DX001)
I decided to replace the hhd with this its $74, which is quite cheap. what do you think?

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Better than a hdd alone not as good as a ssd.

Btw....there is a newer model..Seagate FireCuda ST1000DX002 1TB

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which one?

thanks for the recommendation of the ST1000DX02 model, i would not have know Happy But, i found this model which is cheaper and has the same specs. ST1000LX015 it is also 1 tb, but i am not sure why it is $10 cheaper than the ST1000DX02. is it just because it has smaller dimensions?

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That's a laptop hdd.
It's a 5400 rpm unit.

Doubt you want that for a gaming desktop.

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so what is the difference?

is there any difference? between a laptop and a pc one? can i use it?

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It's a 2.5 inch unit which means you might need an adapter to mount it.

It's 5400 rpm which means it will be a little slower.

Yes you can use it.

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I've had SSHD and

While it was a little better than HDD, your back and forth tells me you have not used a SSD equiped PC.

This means you won't know what you are missing.

At least you have that going for you.

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thank you!!

I really want to thank you guys for helping me on this endevour and replying the many questions i ask. thanks for your time!! Happy

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If your not planning on over clocking ....I would not.
Change the mix a little.

Cpu I5 6600 use the stock cooler.
Ram 2x8GB@2133.
Ssd 250/500GB for the OS and apps.
Storage 1TB hdd
Price that out and see what you get.

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thx for helping!

but your suggestion, of ssd and hdd is way to expensive. the Toshiba DT01ALA300 (3TB) is US 73, but if i go with ssd and hdd, SanDisk X400 (256gb) and the cheapest 1tb drive, it would be 114 which is way too much.

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You know the price of your build now add $40/50 for a cpu cooler.

Price out my build using the stock cooler.

Only you know how much data you want to store you might be able to bump the ssd to 500GB and bin the hdd.

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