Help Needed With Hobby Project: Traveling Robot Car

okay, at first i'll tell you my plan:
i want to make a traveling robot car that talks. which means? well. im gonna buy a Lego Technic Rod set, and if necessary, a remote.
when i bought that remote, i want to inscrease the range, so i can let it go anywhere i want in west europe.
then, i'll buy a camera, till now i've found a Rollei Action Cam, which i can put on the robot car, and let it film anything what happens.
but that doesnt solve this problem: i need to see what happens from far, otherwise this little robot can bounce up to people and smash against the wall if i dont control it well.
so i need a camera that, like a sucurity cam. but, sucurity cams have a really bad view on things. i rather have another one, but i don't know where to find it.
does anyone have names for that kind of camera?
and i thought maybe i could connect the camera, which is already connected with my pc, however i dont know how that works (i need your help with that), record my own voice and connect it to the car again. but that's an extra. to make it talk, or atleast send a message over, i can put a letter hidden inside it too. but i rather make it send several messages, like, if someone picks it up you see typed words like: "hey ! stop it !" or make it peep loudly, like a sirene. that would make the oppurtunity bigger to make it last longer.

what do you guys think of my plan? is it possible?

ive considered buying a drone too. but, it has a few more disadvantages: when the drone is out of batteries, it just falls down and boom. there goes the drone, plus alot of money spend on it. plus, people suspect many drones carrying bombs. i dont wanna risk that stuff. the advantages tho are: it flies, and is harder to see, or picked up by people, and it has a camera already atleast when i download ARDrone.

i think, too, that there are possibilities to make this car go faster. but i haven't figured them out yet.
any tips? i'd be glad to hear them.

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Reporting: Help Needed With Hobby Project: Traveling Robot Car
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You may be working on this for a few years.

While you may want to do this, will you be ready to invest the time and learn all you need to make this happen?

Think of the Mars rovers. They were not created in a year but years.

-> Then you have the bomb problem. In many areas a self propelled robot car would be picked up and taken care of by the bomb squad. In the USA the HitchBot didn't get far.

The HitchBot used a cellular device. Now while that's a possibility I find some explode at what they have to learn. Again, will you spend the year or more learning what you need to make this thing? Or are you expecting it to be off the shelf.

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Yes, I want to give it a chance. If it's too much work, I can give up eventually. However, it's a project I do in my freetime, because I don't have alot to do and I want to fill it usefully.
Thankyou for your message, I'd love to know everything I can do in order to make it work.

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You have to dig in and start your project.

I don't know many that will join your team so you could put up a web site and ask for volunteers.

You write you would love to know everything you can do to make it work but that's only the beginning. You would hit the web, take classes in electronics and programming as needed to build your knowledge and skills.

I don't know if you have met those folk that want a complex device and think all that is involved can be in one chapter of a book or a reply in some forum.

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It's not that I want to make a whole device.

It's not that I want to make a whole device, I understand that would take alot of work and studying. The idea was to mix a few things that already exist and make it end up like a minirobot: 1. a lego car. 2. a remote, which does indeed take alot of work to change it in a way that it has above 50km range. 3. a camera that is connected to my pc, like a sucurity cam. i don't know if there are cameras like that, but that's why I'm asking. 4. some device, which might take alot of work, to atleast make it beep when someone touches it. i know you have those builded on some existing cars.

However, every step of the progress is worthy to me.

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Somewhere along the way.

I bet you will learn how to code, use cellular modems and more. Figure a year or two from now you'll get it on the road. Sounds like a project that will have you learning a lot along the way.

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Thankyou for your help. I'll try to do everything I can to make this work. If you have any tips from the information of what I told, I'd be glad to hear. When I have started, and made some progress, can I message you further?

Thankyou ! Greetings, Jaramelon.

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I'd get onto the web more.

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