hi Ladybone. Sorry, I haven't been to this forum for a while.

At first glance the <a href.........></a> tag seems ok.

But some general questions;

1] Are you viewing the web site from its server location, or from within your own computer? What I mean is, I would normally test my own web site wiithin my own computer before uploading to the server. Then upload everything and test it from there. Which are you doing?

2] If from the server, are you sure the mid files are still there, and if so, is the path of the A tag reference still correct? (Perhaps they are in a sub-directory?)

3] What version of WMP are you using? Does it need upgrading to WMP 9, (at least. There is a WMP 10, but I would avoid that if you haven't already got it).

4] If you are getting the same problems whilst testing the web page from your own local folder, (ie not from the server), then it is most likely WMP that is the problem. I use a similar link to watch a home family video in a web page I have on my own computer, the tag in the page is;
<a href=some-name.mpg''>img src=''name.jpg></a>
and have no problems with WMP playing the film.

I don't know if any of this helps, but I usually find there is a simple error, with an easy solution.