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HELP!!!Mouse driver and other driver trouble....

by mandyrchtr / September 10, 2005 3:59 PM PDT

I have windows 98SE with IE6.0, 256MB RAM....and no mouse in normal mode.I have a ps/2 mouse.
In device manager it tells me the driver was not found.
Details are:This device has a problem Code=8(0x8)
Driver: msmouse.vxd
company: microsoft
file version: 4.10.1998
I am using the keyboard to navigate...difficult.
My Path for this should be Windows/System/VMM32.VXD/vmouse.
I do not have the disk...although someone gave me their windows 98Se disk.Trouble is the computer cannot read my cdrom drive....will not work.
In safe mode I tried to find scanreg/ file exists..check path!
I found my driver for vmouse.vxd at and downloaded it to desktop.My file VMM32.VXD I managed to open and I copied vmouse and pasted into this folder.Yet when you open it there is nothing in VMM32.VXD...but when I tried cutting and pasting it told me it was there.I replaced it.
Still my mouse will not work in normal...only in safe mode.
Last night upon reboot a popup found new hardware(mouse)and as far as I know it loaded it...of course it did not help obviously!
I have no idea what to do now or how...any ideas pleas as I have been at my computer 2 days now trying to figure this out!
I also am having trouble with: Vortex DOS Audio Driver 3.007, Aureal Semi Conductor-Error #6, Sound blaster Emulation disable in windows, driver not loaded.
This message is on the screen before desktop comes up.I have strange colour on my screen along with no sound...well I haven't heard any yet.
And the big ads tend to flicker a bit.
Is there a simple way to download drivers perhaps and install them?I need step-by-step instructions I think.
Please please help...I am driving my family nuts!!!!
Thank you

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Re: mouse trouble
by Kees Bakker / September 10, 2005 8:04 PM PDT


VMM32.VXD is the most critical VXD of all of Windows 98. I hope you didn't delete that.

All I can advice you to come out of this mess: have your CD-drive repaired. Then see if running Windows 98 setup from the CD over the existing installation will fix it. If that doesn't work, do a clean install of Windows from the CD.
In both cases you might need to find some drivers in your collection of old diskettes and cd's or get them from the manufacturers site on the web.

Let's hope somebody like Toni or Bob are less pessimistic than I am.

Best of luck,


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Hi Kees,how do I repair cddrive?....
by mandyrchtr / September 10, 2005 8:46 PM PDT
In reply to: Re: mouse trouble

I wish I knew what was going on here...
I have the VMM32 folder, all I deleted was the mouse that had the exclamation mark and rebooted then windows found the new device and installed? it.
I still have no mouse - except in Safe mode.
After looking at tons of info on the net...most people have had a problem like this....but no answers.
I tried one solution? still no luck.I went into system file checker Safe mode extracted vmouse.vxd from C:win98,(according to the suggestion I read the path is meant to be C:windows/option/cabs), and saved file to VMM.VXD.After rebooting this is when windows found a new device and installed ? it.In the system information it tell me this device has a says to try a new driver.
I do not know what is going on....all drivers about a month ago were updated by the repairman.
All I did was turn off the computer 3 days ago during the day and that night turned it on!
Now I have all these things going wrong....
I have not dealt with these things before and only been on the net 9 months therefore not lucky enough to have anything lying around....

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Re: mouse problems
by Kees Bakker / September 11, 2005 12:57 AM PDT


c:\windows\options\cabs is the place most OEM's put a copy of the win98 cd. But apparently yours is in c:\win98, which isn't a bad place either. So you won't need a cd-rom, probably, to run setup. Although it's far from sure it will help.

I can't tell you what the problem with the mouse is. If it works in Safe Mode, it should work in Normal mode also, in my opinion.

Better go back to the repairman, if you still trust him?

Good luck,


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problem is repairman, not drivers.
by reefurbb / September 10, 2005 10:02 PM PDT

1.If you paid for repairs, take it back. If it was a free "backyard mechanic" find a different one or keep on self-fixing. In my town of 30,000 there are about 8 of us that fix-rebuild older PC's, from P1 up, to sell or give-away. Advertise or call Sale ads for cheap PC's. Or pay the $50/hr for right work.
2. you cannot extract vmm32.vxd to vmm32.vxd. there is a folder windows\system\vmm32.
3. scanreg is scanreg.exe. It is usually run from DOS at bootup, (F8 for boot menu)(command prompt only)(scanreg/fix or scanreg/restore). Note: "restore" is not a good option if all 5 registry backups are since problem or repair.
4. Vortex audio (dos). Dos drivers not needed unless you're going to operate in DOS. I'm guessing this device is onboard the motherboard. Deleting entry from Device Manager might be a problem if the drivers are needed and W98SE doesn't have them.
5. "repair CDrom drive" means blow out the dust, check that the rear jumpers are set right, master or slave, mainly check that the IDE ribbon is in tight and power connector also. It won't show in Safe Mode because drivers aren't loaded. You can hit the "pause\break" key on keyboard at boot, before windows boots, and hit the CD drive eject button (or in safe mode) just to see if drive is getting and using power. If not, get a new-used CDrom drive.
6. If cheap, get a serial mouse as a test-backup-spare. It plugs into the serial port and will work when others don't. Yellow exclamation mark and troubles often mean that "Bios-setup", gotten into at boot, may have one or both serial ports disabled or something else using the resources.
7. Same about CD drive, Bios may have IDE 2 or all but IDE 1 disabled or "no drive" instead of "auto".
overall it sounds like somebody did a lot of messing unless you had some serious problems for being the reason you had it repaired. We can't easily determine what this repair guy did.
Your problem at this point don't sound severe unless you have some motherboard problems. Did you ever take a car in to repair and a week later something else went wrong, and you find the repair guy was messing to get return work, more money?

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And this using an Emergency Boot Disk/EDB??
by Cursorcowboy / September 10, 2005 11:39 PM PDT
I do not have the disk...although someone gave me their windows 98Se disk.Trouble is the computer cannot read my cdrom drive....will not work.

1. When booting a system with a Windows 98 Startup Disk, a boot menu appears offering two options - to load with or without CD-ROM support. After a selection is make, the process continues. The CD-Rom process builds a 2MB RAMDrive (virtual drive). The drive designation is the VERY next drive letter following the last hard drive designation already on a system. IOW, the current assigned CD-ROM drive letter is pushed +1 drive letter ahead from what it was before booting with the EBD. Example:

a. You have one hard disk drive with three designated drives/and/or/partitions; Drives C:\, D:\ and E:\.

b. You have one CD-ROM drive F:\

c. You have one DVD drive G:\

d. Therefore, the RAMDrive will be designated F:\ and your prior drives F:\ = G:\, and G:\ = H:\. Perhaps these two may even swap drive designations because of certain system anomalies.

Caveat: Not every CD-ROM drive is supported by the drivers included on the Windows 98 Startup disk/EBD. If your CD-ROM drive does not function with the included default drivers, you must use the drivers that came with your CD-ROM drive or acquire them elsewhere. Copy those drivers onto the disk and perhaps it may be necessary to edit the configuration files to ensure they are appropriately referenced on boot.

2. A RAMDrive is created where the EBD.CAB files are extracted before certain MS-DOS commands can be used. Essentially, this virtual drive emulates a physical hard drive on a system and is created where the EBD.CAB files are uncompress:

Attrib.exe - Add or remove file attributes
Chkdsk.exe - A simpler and smaller disk status tool
Debug.exe - Debugging utility - Real-mode emergency text editor
Ext.exe - New, simple file extract utility - Disk format tool
Mscdex.exe - Microsoft CD-ROM file extension for MS-DOS
Scandisk.exe - Disk status tool
Scandisk.ini - Disk status tool configuration file - Transfers system files and make disk bootable
Uninstal.exe - A tool to remove Windows 98 from the system and return the system to its previous state

Note: Should the MS-DOS command dir be performed on the newly created Startup disk the above files are not reflected, and they are not usable until the extraction has been performed. Several of the other necessary MS-DOS maintenance tools are provided separately as standalone files.

3. Depending on the version of Windows, Setup will place an EBD sub folder to Windows\Command folder, consist of the following twenty-two files:

= 24 files

Note: Except for the following, a Startup disk/EBD created either by running Bootdisk.bat or from Windows are:

BTDOSM.SYS = by the Bootdisk.bat
EBD.SYS = by Windows, which is a 0-byte file (worthless)
MSDOS.SYS = by Windows

4. What a Startup disk/EBD is and what is it used for?

a. An EBD will not be very useful unless a new backup is created each time certain significant changes are made to a system, particularly if you compress a drive. Get in the habit of creating an EBD each time Windows Setup is run and at any time you feel appropriate.

b. An EBD/Startup disk is nothing more that an open door to the system and provides a bunch of DOS tools. It provides few peripheral drivers (See list in #2 above) and you cannot start the GUI environment (Windows) after booting with it, [Q178947].

Warning Icon: If a floppy is not a System Bootable Floppy, it will not function. If you used the Windows procedure next or the file located in the system Command folder then the floppy will contain system files.

? Be sure this floppy is write-protected at all times

5. To create a Startup disk/Emergency Boot Disk (EBD) (Click to see an example screenshot), click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Startup Disk, Create Disk..., and follow the instruction.

6. If you do not have an EBD to access the computer system, Windows cannot be booted, and therefore, you have no means of downloading from the Web, then perhaps it could be created from the MS-DOS command prompt, provided the system will even boot. In the Windows "Command" folder is a file named Bootdisk.bat which can be used to create an EBD.

a. Crank the computer up until you see the command prompt. Hopefully, this will be shown as "C:". If not, then enter that and press Enter. If you cannot change to "C:" then there is no need trying further. Otherwise, continue...

b. Insert a floppy disk into drive A.

c. Type the following commands, pressing Enter upon completion of each line. Case is irrelevant:

Note: Line #2 is not required for the actual creation of the Startup disk itself and may be left off since it is used only to speed the creation of the startup disk, which doesn't take that long.

cd windows\command
bootdisk a:

d. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish.

7. "" is a good source for acquiring a copy of an EBD/Startup disk for the particular version of Windows.

a. After the ?.EXE has downloaded, find and double-click it. (? will depend on the version selected but for Windows 98 it's, Win98.exe).

b. Follow the instructions after the WinImageExtractor appears - I assume that each of their files include this utility.

c. Place a floppy in drive A:\ as instructed by the first box checked. Also note the section "Writing on Floppy", which give you certain options.

d. Click OK to continue.

e. Caveats:

(1) The instructions shown in paragraph #1 above is not true with this download. The CD drive designation after boot is labeled drive R:\, and the device is named Banana.

(2) If there are drivers which you know your system must have to boot and operate properly in the MS-DOS (real-mode) environment, I suggest you ensure these files are copied to the EBD so they are available.

f. Boot the system with this EBD and ensure everything operates properly.

Note: If the system's CMOS is set for booting from the hard disk first, you must change the options so the system boots first from a floppy drive.

g. Once the system is up and running make sure the CD-ROM drive and any other essential devices are accessible and working correctly. The time to fix any mistakes is NOW while the hard disk is functioning and you have ready access to all files.

8. "Cannot Gain Access to Multiple CD-ROM Drives Using Startup Disk".

Note: The content of this article explains how to edit the default information on the Windows 98 Startup disk concerning the particular CD-ROM accessed during boot. IOW, the device identification contained may read D:\MSCD00? - where ? equals CD-ROM drive identification and that identification required for your computer may be different.

9. Supplemental reading:

a. "Manually Updating the Startup Disk After Installing MS Plus! (Q136900)".

b. "How to Create a Windows 98 Startup Disk from MS-DOS (Q186300)."

c. "How to Create a Windows 98 Startup Disk that Supports FAT32 (Q187532)."
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Mouse fixed!!!!...I did this...from Microsoft....
by mandyrchtr / September 11, 2005 12:43 PM PDT

I clicked start/run and typed c:windows/system.ini and brought up notepad and this tell info about drivers.At the very top of the screen was a whole lot of unintelligable garbage text.I deleted this (3 whole rows), clicked save after checking no more was down further on the screen, exit and then rebooted !!!! more mouse problems.
Unbelievably easy...
Thanks for all advice in this subject...and will save all your info...just in case for future reference!:D
But any ideas on other bits that have happened while mouse trouble was occuring?
A:Just tried to install google toolbar....for some strange reason it had dissappeared a couple of days ago during mouse trouble, and tells me in the address it is done.But it is not there.
B:Windows Media Player is drive E and even though it dissappeared during mouse trouble it is in my computer again.BUT putting the cd in to play the player comes up and then tell me Windows cannot find the specified path.In the little window that shows the path in the top right of the player it shows audio cd, when I drop down the box I see audio cd (Eand it will not let me put that in the little window.It does start in autoplay until this message comes up.
C:Also during this time my display settings will not
change from 640 x 480 pixels / 16 colours to 256 colour /800x600 pixels...even though I click apply.Although I have just altered it again to try and will reboot as soon as I post this message to check it again.
Thanks all

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if sys.ini was garbled...
by reefurbb / September 11, 2005 10:06 PM PDT

Wow! Sys.ini contains a lot of info about Windows and device settings. Some of settings also reside in Registry. Often, users get a message at boot "this line is referred to in Sys.ini or Widows registry. If you have deleted this file on purpose........" "hit enter to continue loading Windows".
If you have access to another W98SE PC, copy their file to floppy and drop it into windows folder AFTER renaming your current file to oldsys.txt or something, remebering what you did so you can rename it.
E: is not Windows Media Player (a program). It should show the icon in My Computer as a CDrom drive. You can double click to open or right click-open to open it.
You may have lost your display (video) drivers. Check Device Manager, +sign, see video device. Then "properties", "update driver" and uncheck all choices for where to look, forcing it to look at drivers in windows\inf.
Google toolbar may be far on the right of a line at the top of I.E. Use "view", "customize", "no text labels" to shrink tool bars. Putting your mouse arrow on a toolbar icon will popup a description.

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You're right about the video driver......
by mandyrchtr / September 12, 2005 11:47 AM PDT

Just downloaded the correct newer one and now I have all my graphics back to normal.
Trouble is my speakers only make a crackling/static noise at the moment.
And my CDrom in E drive still won't work.
When I put in a CD, I can hear it automatically start then my Windows Media Player pops up and in the little window for playlists etc. I cannot make the Audio CD (E: ) go in there.All that stays there is Audio CD.
In My Computer the E drive shows a CD music icon.I get the same response if I go to the icon and click/dble click.I did not have sound during this time...only realised yesterday and even though I downloaded the newer driver for graphic installer...I think the sound driver is kaput too.
At least my graphics are great....
Will look into this today....
As far as the other thing I only did what microsoft suggested at this link:;en-us;316544


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Thanks for the link..! Concern now is...
by reefurbb / September 12, 2005 11:29 PM PDT

Why sys.ini, video drivers, maybe snd drivers, more, got garbled. I have run into AMD K6 processors that start going bad but the only indication is messed up data on the Hdd. Scandisk started showing errors but too many. SFC didn't help much. My techie says the software to best test the processor is $$$. 1 time, I bought a new AMD K6 (getting hard to find)(had to reinstall W98SE), and another time I just used a P1 200mhz (mobo and socket 7 would allow it), slower than the AMD 400 but no economical choice.
Or it could be ram..MS has Memtest86 (or Google search), free, load to floppy and let it run for as long as you like. Something got you...besides the repair tech.
If you can put a data CD in E: and open and read it okay, your CDrom drive laser might be getting weak or need cleaned, and can't read a music CD. Open a music CD (right click-open) and hilite one track with one left click, then hold the shift key and do a right click. You'll get the dialog window to open file with another program. Try windows\CDplayer.exe.

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You may need to reload your OS or houseclean your registry.
by Mojo_58 / September 13, 2005 2:26 AM PDT

When goofy stuff like this happens it is time to install the OS fresh. 9X is a bad culprit for adding or not cleaning stuff from the registry. Once it gets to the point were weird errors are happening or device won't function it is time for a fresh install.

You can try booting in safe-mode and removing phantom devices from your device manager. This will help your hardware issues for sure. I'd still recommend a fresh install.

What I have done on my kid's machine...

Set the machine up with all the drivers and such working properly. Add any additional software they may need. Once the install is completed image the machine. I keep the image on another hard drive. When the kids muck it up so bad that the machine won't start. Boot it with a floppy and reimage. Takes 10 min to re-write the image and reboot.

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We've all been there
by Skcoop / September 14, 2005 2:34 AM PDT

After reading all the post and what you've gone through I can't help but ask, do you know what caused the problem to begin with?

Anything that writes garbage to the system ini can't be good. Also it generally means this was some kind of software issue, not hardware. You don't know if it was a driver, malware, virus, etc. that caused all the headaches.

If I were you I'd give serious thought to saving anything critical and doing a clean install. Heck you have all the drivers you need now, so a new install shouldn't be a real problem.

Something had to have caused your grief, and I for one would be more than a bit leary it hadn't been fixed.

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Hi Skcoop....still have issues unfortunately....
by mandyrchtr / September 14, 2005 4:05 PM PDT
In reply to: We've all been there

I do not have ANY idea what has happened here other than maybe my computer is getting older.
My brother gave me this as it was sitting in his workplace for a period of time and after selling up he gave me 2 lots of everything and this one has just been started up here as it has more RAM and is newer than the other....but still not a newborn Grin
So I don't know it's history at all.
A fellow who is supposed to have an alright reputation said (and charged me for updated all drivers.
Now the sound is also gone and am finding it difficult to correct and found the drivers folders details in several places in explore.I am no expert here...but due to lack of funds ( and believe it or not like the battle of trying to figure this out myself-probably a glutton for punishment!)I am trying to work it out...with cnet and it's good people helping along the way.
Truly I wish I knew exactly what did cause all this to happen though.Who knows how long the garbage was there?
I better say though that Grif is helping as patiently as he can in Newbies Forum at the moment...
I think I am testing his patience quite well...poor thing.
Thanks Skcoop...

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