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help me with all this new technology Business Man

by shahrokhan / February 15, 2007 12:17 PM PST

I am really confused with all this technology nowadays. I would really like to do my own research to understand what is going on but time does not allow it. I really dont know what phone to buy. I dont know if I even need a smart phone. I will tell you my needs and I hope you are kind enough to help me out. The main reason for considering a smart phone is to get rid of my notebook which provides me with all the functionality needed but is heavy and a bit hard to carry around. Maybe a smart phone can be a similar replacement although limited for quick meetings and travel.

My requirements and other info:


On the go from office to home, office to customers sometimes and once or twice in a year travel to foreign country.

My comany has a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. It has a few accounts and I want to be able to access them all even if it has to be that I signout first. I might need to access a normal account like Gmail or Hotmail at times and photo viewing would be a good feature.

I should be able to use the Microsoft Office package even if it has to be with limited functionality (not TOO limited).

I would like to be able to connect to a wifi network at home and in hotels abroad.

A small phone is preferred. I dont mind the 4 row 5 column setup, the one with 2 letters to a button.

Mail and text should be easy to read.

The phone should be able to connect to my Nokia Bluetooth headset. If it cant work with the Nokia then I dont mind buying a new onw.

My company uses Citrix to give me live London Metal Exchange market prices. I want to be able to access that. I have heard that the is Opera Mini which allows full site functionality. But the phone also needs to support a Citrix ICA web client.

Synchronising with my PC should be easy.

There should be space and capability for lots of files (MS-Office, some photos, documents etc). I think it would be best to buy a memory card and store files on that.

A nice sharp camera would be nice for emergencies to take pictures of metals but not absoutely necessary. I would rather go for a better phone without a camera than go for a lacking phone with a camera.

Internet browsing should be very easy to navigate etc and should be capable to do a lot.

It would be really nice if I could listen to audio feeds to listen to the news. The audio feeds I am talking about start in real player or something on my computer.

I know this sounds stupid for a business user but I NEED, I repeat I ABSOLUTELY need Solitaire, the card game on the phone. It needs to be very similar to the one on Windows and I dont mind installing third party apps. I need solitaire because I have been playing it since the beginning when I am thinking.

Tri band (atleast). This is so that I can travel and use my phone with confidence in other countries.

I dont know what else to add so if you ask me questions I will tell yu more.

Thanks in advance

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Ok, here we go
by lil ramZ / February 15, 2007 7:44 PM PST

For all of this I would recommend you get a smart-phone.

The Treo 750 would be great but only if you can get Cingular.
If not go with a Treo 700w/wx. These are all Windows Operating System Phones and they have wonderful Cnet Reviews. These are great Business phones, they are designed around people like you. They are small and generally light weight for what they can do.

You can find more details about these phones here:

Generally, you can get a Treo for around $300-$400 with a Service Plan.

If you would like faster mobile internet then go with Sprint. They have excellent speeds, and recently they have been improving their coverage.

The Treo should be able to connect to email fine when you are away from your computer. Also the Treo can edit Microsoft Office Documents wonderfully.

Unfortunately, the Treo does not have wi-fi, bummer. But that doesn't matter. You are taking a phone so you don't have to use wi-fi. See, you have a connection almost anywhere! Happy A laptop can solve this issue though.

Mail and text is easy to read, if not then you need to get your eyes looked at.

It should be able to connect to any blue-tooth headset just fine.

It should be able to support most 3rd party software. What you can do is have a laptop, tether your phone and use your phone as a modem to your laptop and run the application on your laptop. Meaning your phone is the connection, and your laptop runs the program. Another reason to bring a laptop.

You can plug your phone into your laptop or desktop fine. This is what runs your internet connection. You can synchronize your phone to your laptop through a USB cable. And you can use the modem feature through blue-tooth, Isn't that cool!

It supports a SD card, and if your laptop or desktop has a SD card slot, you can transfer documents to your phone and edit them on the go if you ever need to.

The Treo has a camera, it takes pretty good pictures. You will be happy when you use it for emergencies but don't plan on using it all the time.

Internet browsing will be ok. Again, another situation where you'll need a laptop to get full browsing capabilities.

You can listen to windows mobile audio feeds on your phone, or once again you can connect your phone to your laptop for a connection and listen through your laptop, a little hassle but not big.

I'm pretty sure you can get solitaire on your Treo and your Windows PC comes with it, no trouble there.

And the Treo has nationwide access. I'm not sure if it has worldwide access, maybe somebody else in the forums can help me here.

Ok, bottom line. Get a Treo Smart-phone or something equivalent and a laptop with good battery life. I would recommend you look at some reviews on laptops before you buy. If you can, get a laptop with blue-tooth built in for connection as a modem to your Treo, wi-fi, Windows XP, (don't get Vista yet), and a SD card slot would be nice. And get one thats below 5lbs.

Ok any other questions let me know. I hope this helps you and hope you read all of this.

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a laptop?
by tbenzinger / February 16, 2007 3:07 AM PST
In reply to: Ok, here we go

Great post, ramz, lots of info... but wasn't he saying he wanted to ditch the laptop?

Either way, you're right that the original poster needs to get a smartphone. The only thing I'm not sure about is the ability to listen to Internet audio feeds. Anyone have experience with that?

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by shahrokhan / February 16, 2007 2:48 PM PST
In reply to: a laptop?

I dont live in the USA so all those carriers you mentioned dont apply to me. I can get any phone over here and it will be unlocked and there is only one service provider because the government has monopolised it. This thing made it into CNET as well some time back.

Isnt there any way to get wifi on to the smart phone? I have heard of SD cards that give your phone wifi capabilities. The reason I want this is so that I can access high speed internet in the hotels I go to internationally and also at home.

The laptop is getting a bit irritating and I would like an all in one device that can do most of my work but when I want to do something more powerful, I can bring my laptop out.

So black berry phones are not good for me? Over here, Etislat (the servie provider) is providing black berry service for Unlimited Domestic usage for AED 185 and Unlimited International Usage for AED 295. Thats around $50 and $80 respectively. Is that a good deal?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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by lil ramZ / February 17, 2007 6:43 AM PST
In reply to: carriers

Yeah, $80 is decent.
The Treo 700p or W/WX doesn't support a wi-fi card. Palm has failed to put in wi-fi and even offer an option for it. They truly are ********. Blackberries are wonderful tools and can be great for somebody like you but it won't support all those special needs. I know you want to ditch a laptop but you have to agree with me, you'll be able to get way more functionality out of a laptop. Oh and another thing, the Blackberry 8700 has no SD card. Ok, back to the laptops.

Here is what I reccomend, go on Cnet Reviews and find a laptop that has wifi, bluetooth, and is light in weight. Get it if it has good reviews. Go to your local office store and find a really nice laptop bag, one thats comfortable and innexpensive and small but big enough to haul your laptop and phone. Get yourself a good smart phone from the carrier you have. Throw your phone and laptop in this bag. As a traveler, you can carry this bag with you. You should have no troubles!

Or if you can wait for a few months for your wireless carrier to get it, the new Blackberry 8800 should take care of everything. It'll get you all of the stuff you want.

And the last option would be a UMPC, like one of those Sony one's. But those may be to expensive.

Let me know what kind of other phones your carrier has.
And, what option would be best for you.


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Yes I think I can wait.
by shahrokhan / February 17, 2007 11:00 AM PST
In reply to: ok

My carrier does not sell phones like they do in the USA. We have to buy phones from retail stores, buy a seperate SIM card from the carrier (which is only one for now) or we use our old SIM and put it onto our phone and we are good to go.

The only phones which my carrier sells are the Black Berrys and the service started very recently. Maybe I can get them from somewhere else. They offer 3 phones right now namely : Pearl 8100, 7290 and 8700g. If the Blackberry 8800 can do all that you I want, plus ahve wifi and multimedia capabilities like the Pearl 8100, then yes I can wait till it comes out.

I was looking at CNET's reviews and found the P990i. What are your thoughts on this phone? If it can do atleast most of what I want to do then I wont mind the price.

I already have a laptop which I bought a bit before summer 2006 and it does all my work for me except that it is not exactly mobile. It is heavy and thats all. Once the warranty expires and my company's insurance as well, I will buy a Sony Vaio preferably 13.3 or 14.1" with Windows Vista Business edition. When I was buying my HP (current) laptop, I could have bought a Vaio which was almsot the same but twice the price. Price is not a big concern for me. The maximum I would buy for is $3000.

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by lil ramZ / February 18, 2007 5:37 AM PST

p990i looks good to me. It costs the same as the Treo unlocked. And it's got more features. In fact i'm considering it myself! Ok, if you don't mind it's near $800 dollar price tag then go for it. Check to make sure it supports your special software before you commit.

Ok let me know the price before you buy, I may be able to get it for you for less. I'm going to do further research for you.

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HTC Tytn
by Joey Motu / February 18, 2007 10:29 PM PST

It is an awesome phone. Comparative to the Cingular 8525.

I got mine last year from the UK b4 the 8525 was available here in the US.

It has Windows Mobile 5.0, so it acts and feels like Windows. With media player, IE, and Office, even view pdf's, YES actual Solitaire!

The P990 is great, but it is NOT 3G here in the States.

The HTC is 3G(wcmda/ umts) in EU and USA..1900 band and 2100 band, quad phone.

Yes its costly. If you want the use of a laptop and cell phone that is as close to a world phone and fits in your hand this is it.
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by lil ramZ / February 18, 2007 11:53 PM PST
In reply to: HTC Tytn

Looks nice, i like the fact that it's 3G Happy

But how pricey is it???
I'm still waiting for shahrokhan to respond. I think price is no factor for him, it's only availability. So if he can get it where he lives as an unlocked phone then wonderful.

Thanks HTC!

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The Tytn
by Joey Motu / February 19, 2007 11:43 AM PST
In reply to: hmm

Do a good Google search for the HTC-Tytn
I paid almost $800 American in June 2006.
I got it from AT Telecom which deals in many unlocked phones (not just from US)
(price dropped also, now $720 or so)
Spend a day or so searching, but that may be around where the price is now.
Packaging: It does NOT come with a craddle (I cut the preformed packaging material and made my own.) The 'wired headset' is not that good. I see you already have BT so great! For stereo BT I use the Motorola BT-820, they are a little big, but the only ones I found that actually work 100% of the time; after trying 3 other makes/ models. They also come with the adapter for your PC (USB.) I leave the adapter in my PC all the time to sync BT just by walking in range of it.
You can also check out:
They have good reviews, forums and info, but MAINLY on US phones/ carriers.
CNET also offers a great resource for searching and reviews.

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Sorry for the late response
by shahrokhan / February 19, 2007 8:34 PM PST
In reply to: The Tytn

Time did not permit to reply so I am sorry for the late response.

I dont think I can get the GTC ov here so I think I can drop that option.

Now I think someone said that price is not a concern for me. Well you can say that in a way but not totally. As I am the GM of my branch, I have to make all the profits in a way and I can easily put the phone bill in to my Co. account but as I have to do the mental work and make the profit, I pay for what I buy using my brain. So its not like I go to a store, buy the mosy expensive phone and without any worries put the bill in the company's account. In reality the company pays the money but I work for the company which enables it to pay for me.

I dont want the most expensive phone with unnecessary features that I wont use. I want something which can do a few IMPORTANT tasks for me, like an ultra mobile alternate to my laptop.

I would like to scrap the idea of a complete laptop replacement as I believe that it will be hard to read and do work for long periods of time on a phone. These are the things that I absolutely want from my phone, after these things the other features are extras, and might act as an emergency laptop replacement.

I want to be able to access a Citrix ICA client so I can watch live market prices on the go. This feature you could say is one of THE most important ones. I will not buy a smart phone without this capability.

Access a few email accounts includng Microsoft WEb Access ones powered by Exchange Sever 2003. This is also quite important.

Open and view and possibly work on MS Office Word, Access, Powerpoint and Excel. This not so important but a feature worth giving priority.

Telephone, fo course. Should be tri band atleast so I can use it in most countries. Should have nice call quality preffereably above average. The phone should have bluetooth or someway of wirelessly connecting a small headset.

These are the MOST important critical fatures and I dont think I would buy a phone which will not be able to do any of these tasks except for the MS Office part but most phones do support Ms Office.

I dont want to buy a phone with unnecessary features and pay for no reason like some teenagers do nowadays at my place.

One last thing that would be good but I wouldnt mind sacrificing is wifi so that I can access the net easily in hotels and at home.

Thank you all for all your generous help.

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(NT) anyone?
by shahrokhan / February 20, 2007 8:09 PM PST
Collapse -
Blackberry Speeds are 40-60 kbps.
by shahrokhan / February 22, 2007 9:56 PM PST
In reply to: anyone?

Are these good speeds?

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this is tough
by lil ramZ / February 23, 2007 5:33 AM PST

I think that the p990i is your best bet.
Do any of your co-workers have phones that support this special software?

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No, they...
by shahrokhan / February 24, 2007 8:31 PM PST
In reply to: this is tough

They have to call up at the office and ask for the market prices, which can get a bit irritating. The office is small as we work very efficiently. The only people who NEED to look at the market rates frequently are my company representative/sales officer and myself. As I said before, I am not looking for a laptop replacement now and I only need the tasks written above to be carried out.

I can give you the link to Reuters website, from where I access the market rates:

Thank You all for your interest.

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hey, im getting...
by lil ramZ / February 24, 2007 9:45 PM PST
In reply to: No, they...

I'm getting a Motorola Q on Monday I'll try the page and see if it works. If it does then it should work with any phone.

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I am
by BigMomma09 / February 25, 2007 8:36 AM PST
In reply to: No, they...

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of my league here in order to recommend anything and I don't know if someone has already recommended it but try the Sony VAIO UX390. It would fit all your needs (I think) and is [kind of] practical. Anyone as I have already stated I am out of my league here but I think this is a good device for you. Also its around $2,500 pushing on your limit.
Hope that helped.

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I might consider that in my next round...
by shahrokhan / February 25, 2007 11:32 PM PST
In reply to: I am

I might consider buying the Sony Vaio when I next buy a laptop. If I DO go for a ultra portable then I will be comparing the 11" Vaio with the UMPC. One factor that comes into buying a UMPC is reading. I will have to go to a store and check out if it is alright for my eyes. I CAN read text on a mobile phone so I should be able to read it on the UMPC but I spend less time on the mobile phone so I wouldnt mind any eye strain that I experience.

After all the talk about a UMPC, we have to remember that there is still a big gap between a PC and a mobile phone. A mobile phone is compatible with Ultra mobile technologies like 3G but to access the internet from a PC, you will have to be near a wifi hotspot and that is not exactly mobile.

By the way, did you check out the website on your new Motorola Q? Please tell me as soon as possible. Thank You all once again and congrats on your new Q.

Collapse -
by lil ramZ / February 26, 2007 6:16 AM PST

I didn't get my Q today, darn.
Um, I should have it tomorrow.
And finally guys we found a user for the umpc!

Get a umpc and a broadband card for it and you will be happy.

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umpc doesnt have wifi?
by shahrokhan / February 27, 2007 12:50 PM PST
In reply to: darn

Doesnt the UMPC have wifi built in?

Does the latest UMPC with Vista work properly? Or is it slow and does it support Aero?

I am still waiting to know if the website worked on your Motorola Q.

Thank You

Collapse -
by lil ramZ / February 28, 2007 10:39 AM PST
In reply to: umpc doesnt have wifi?

Well the login page works fine on my Motorola Q. Btw, if you don't care about touch screen get a Q if you can. I love mine!!!

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